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The following poem by Misa Nana C. Crozier was written in honor of the twelve member3 of the Ann Arbor Lodge of Good Templars whograduated from the University this year. At last the good-bys have been spoken. And dear frlends are scattered and gone ; But In memory they are stlll around ns, And stlll greet us each one by one. They come from afar to our city At our fountain of loarning to drink, And to gain from lts sweet llowing waters The wisdom to act and to thluk. Nor came they to us empty hamled. They ave to us each some new thought ; And each of our Uves will be grander For the bright, esteemed gift which they brought. They gave to us courage and klnduess. And frlendship more precious than gold, And thoughts high and pure, strong and noble, Whose influence ne'er can be tola. From the east carne a strong, sturdy brother, Like an oak from the forest he seemed ; For he'd strength both of mind and of body, On hls face a true nobleness beamed. And his volee grand and sweet like grand muslc Insplred in each mind highcr thought ; And the pure earnest life he led daily Proved he followed the precepto Chrlst taught. From the west came another dear brother. Hls brown eyef , so warm, true and kind, Showed a heait full of trust and of sweetness, And the pure noble cast of his mind. His kind words encounged us onward. His flrm hands close clasping our own Oave us strength for renewing our labors In the field of Qod's work we've begun. To another's brave voice we have listcned, As In earnest and eloquent tone He pleaded for true houest labor, And demanded a chance for each one. Still another stood bravely befare us, Proclaiming his principies true, And urfcing each wcak lagglng brother To arouse and the battle renew. Yet another one, whom we have greeted, Is fighting for freedom from drink. Strelen out your hands, O my brother. And help draw hlm back from the brink. There are others, fine men, true and faithful, Whose faces we've each learned to know, And whose hands we have often times shaken- How we dreaded to aee them all go. They are gone and we see not thelr faces. We hear not their volees to-nlght, But we know that in spirit they re with us, Ai we battle on bravely for rlght . And the many kind words they have spoken, The many good seeds they have sown Will bring fortli a pUnteous barveit To the glory of dear " '91 ".


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