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Adam Stuart, of Detroit, was born in 1800. He amassed property worth 960,000 ard is a uell preserved ohl man. Four vi ars ago bis wife died. Last spring h e saw Miss Emily Ivanter, '23 reare oíd, a prettry brunette, and was at once striick by her charms. He secured an introduetion and since then Mstered her sadly. He proponed to ïer early ín June, bnt she spurnedhia oft'i':-. 'I be old man offered todeed her all his property, -mil told her that it woulil be a snap, as he eouldnotlive lont,'. She refused 4,his offer also. Stuart went home and tried to hang hiraself. Efe was ut down and trled it again, when a ■ mheil of '. !ded him Insane and lic was sent to the asyhim. '■ a In .Mi!i!;;in. rard of hcaltli jy íi; ; arts of the state for ended July 4, ndicated that scarlet fever, cholera norbus, inflammation of the brain, whooping cougb and diphtheria inreased, and typhoid fever, pneumonía, iypho-malarial fever and cerebrospinal meningitis decreased In area of jrevalence. Diphtheria was reportod at twenty-six places, scarlet fever at ihlrty-five, typhoid [ever at fourteen and measlcs at twenty places. De&th r n AfeiMi Phyilcian. Dr. William Mottram, probably Michigan's oldest practltioner, died at Ealamazoo. aged 84, of paralysla. Ho practiced unlil within a few days of his deatli and was striekeu suddenly. Dr. Mottram was a member of the legislature in ls::. lic waa the authorof the law eompelling townships to maintüiin pulilic librarles, and had ulways been foremost in public enterprises. CpU'lritiil Mis l.iisc Kourtli. Maleolm McDonald, a carpenter, went to Sanlt Ste. Marie from Iiay Mills for the I'ourth and indulged freely ïn the flowing bowl. nis body was fonnd the next morning in St. Mary's canal above the iooka floating in a standing position. McDonald camo from Kipley, Out., where he leaves a wife and eight children in destitute circumstancea Kills Vt-tot-il by Gov. Winaiis. The bill granting ald to Lndigent soldiers outside the Boldiers' home has been vetoed by Oov. Winans. He thouffht t placed imlimited power in the hands of the uoiinty commissioners. He has also vetoed the bül to issue 20,000 copies ol l!i' compilation called "Michigan and lts Resources." Mmrl l.ut N'v, lifiM. Over 1,000 men now iind employment in tlie great Chapin mine. at Iron Mountain. ' The "Soo" papers say that the report sent out of thousanda of immirants Crossing tbere is a falschood. Mts. John Anderson ;s fatally injured by a stroke "f lightning at Muskegon, wbile the babs in her anus was unharmed. Joe Jessup waa arrested at Vicksburg on a il.., ■lalin his fatl cr's poi The bciok was found on hi parson. Rev. Marión MurdooU preached her farewell sermón ::t tli ■ fCálamazoe Unitarian church. Rev. William A. Waterman, pastor of i '■■Htional church, a!sn preached his farewell The safo in the Bt. lío uta ■ Catholic church at Hay City was broken open and SITO extractad. Por the month of Jane the Calumet and Hecla mines produced 4. l::ii tons; Quincy mine, 569 , tons; Atlantic, 214i Pranklin, 238 tons, and Península, 80 tons. There were 740 convicta in Jaokson prison cm .Inlv 1. The tpad bed oí the Ward rood trom Alba to Grayling ia ready tor the iron, and stock will !.■ rolling over it before falL ('ass Whitehead, oí Alpena, was instantly killed by the breaking of a guy rope while belping at a barn i';iisin. He li'iivt's a tai ' An unknown man. sapposed to be from Detroit, teil ofl i VVichita (Kan.) stareet car while crossing the Arkansas rlver nul tras drowned The Canadian authoritiea btare notified the Boo canal uou tractors that none but Canndians can be employed hereafter. Joseph Salonde, oí Essexvillo, was drowned while üshinfr. I'. M. Brown, of Big Eapids, beat three men aml one vvoman ior the position of county Bchool eommissioneryeeterday. The West Mfcliiifan Car and Bngine Company ol Muskegon lias olected C. M. Heald president and V. S. Wood seoretary and treosui James Ma-M.', ol Lakoview, reoeived 26 tor a two-horso load f wool ho drovc into Imlay City. Corneliua Lynch and W'ilüain .Icnnison were killed bytraiae at Urand ' ids. The 3-year-old da t D. G. Strughart, of VI drowoed in a cistera. A (l('!'('l .ve i-hiiuü'V was to biame for th Rob 'ri ' farmhonse at ColdwatiM'. Loss, $1,033; insured. [saiah Doane, i E V aton cuniity. ",i fouod ius in his l'i'il and i dy. He was 77 years olil. Louis Mix, - '. anistee, feil ofl a doek while unloadiDg salt and was drowned. Th .'eovMi. Léavea a vvfdovv and two smal] children. Henrj Miller, Sápida, wa&ted to Bea a eannon cracker go ofl and held it in his hand that he mig'ht understand the minute operation. Ilonry saw 1 ut all his hand. pt Jonn Bodford and wife, of sou, were driving when the horso ran inuy, pitching thrm both into the (fntter. Mrs. Bedford wae badly hurt and it was feared that Capt Bedford would di' "rom big iniuriea.


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