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Forests Ablaze

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Si. [ONACK, Mich., .Tuly 13.- One of the most dcstructive forost tires which lave ever swept the northern peninBula is raging between Marquette and this city along the liac of the Duluth, Soutli Shore fe Atlantic railroad. Kor liundreds of railes nothing can be Been but one inuss of Sames, and the density of the smokt is 80 pronounced that the sun appears llke a leaden balL Railroad officials have large crowds of men Btationed along the track, battling againsl the fire, but the dames are quiekly headway. lt s feared the track will be destroyed. In Niiinv placea between Newberryand 3enj the small bridges crossinff litüe creeks are dow burning. At Beveral of these plaoea the train was compeüed to sto]i in order to estinguish the liivs. The telegraph poles have been burned down and the wires rendered nseless. The (general loes will ag-gregate th [nbabitants of siuall villagea have been fighting against the fire for the last four laya and are now alraost exhausted. They have called for aid from the officials of the mail. lt is feared that seven loggers along the banks of the ïahquamanon and Fox rivera have lost thelr lives. Esí-ANAiiA. .Mich., Jnly 18.- Forest tires are still doing great daiuae across the bay from this city. In ííay de Noc township, this county, a mimber of settlers have lost all they had, except their horneet and tliey are not out of danger yet. The crops in this township have been completely destroyed and all the cedar pine and standing hardwood have heen tlestroyefl. Six farmers, S. Thorseot A. Sanborn, August Arman, oíd man l.arson. N. .1. Storm and Aiuliew Hanson, have lost all that they bad. The rest of the settlers of the township are in danger of losing everytliiiifi thev have, as fires are still spreading and there is no indication of rain. Mii.wav ki:k, .1 ui y 18.- Word has reaelied here trom Metropolitan, Mich., of the damaife done there by forest fires. The Metropolitan I,umber Company lost 7,000.00 f eet of lumber and all the loga on the river bank were burned down to the vvati r'sedge. Their large and well-equipped sawmill was also destroyed. The amount of insuvance is nol known. l'wo bridges on the Chicago & Northwestern railroad werc destroj edr


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