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business o ardö. 'TtTENTION! -- YOï WAN r anything in the line of 1 BANANAS, lili AXdES, FIGS, CA.VIES of all kinds, ICK CREAN, ICE CREAH SODA. Everything at Wholesale and Retail. Ii. &c JP. KOPF, 10 E. Huron-sl Gfreat Closing-out Sale í Hats Tbimjíed according to Paris, New York and Cleveland styles. tfiTsin all Simpes and Sizes. lioth large and small. Fithers Flowers.Ribbons.Veiling, gilt and silver Lace Ererything wlll be sold at the very lowest price 'rom bow on. Picase cali and examine our large lt of eoods before purchaseing elsewhere. Respectfully, Mrs. A. OTTO, 53yl 19 l'onrl h-ave. "arthur j. kitson, Contractor & Builder. Btimates furnished on all kinds of Architecture. Kesidence amd Shw, 21 Geddes-ave. nvTPT VOGEL, DEALER IN FRESH, SALT1SM0KED MEATS. AND AME IN SEASON. 22 E. Hubon-St. - - Ann Arbor. NEW MILLINERY STORE. Fancy -:-Millnery. IN ALL THE LATEST STYLES. Everybody invited to Examine Stock. MRS. J. L. JOHNSON, Ko. 23 N . IMalu-St. " WHEN IN YPSILANTI STOF AT THE Occidental -Hotel. Mineral and Fresh Water Baths. ESPECIAL MATES TO 8TVDENTS.-&I. Five o'clock Dinners Sundays. H. E. SHUTTS, Prop'r. p R. WILLIAMS, Attorney t I.hw . Mllan, Mich. Money loaned for outside parties. All lei;al usinees given prompt attention. k LEX. W. HAMILTOK, Attornev at La iv . Will praotlce in both State and United SU 8 Oourts. Office Rooms, one and two, lst Hoor of the new brick block, corner of Huron and Fourth Jtreets, Ann Arbor, Michigan. TRUCK AND STORAGE. Now we are ready with a New Brick Storchouse lor the Btorage of Households, Pianos, Books and Btoves. Pianos and Furnlture carefuily moved. All kindsof Heavy and LIght draying. FREI&HT WORK. Residence and Office, 46 N. Fourth Street. Teleptaone 82. WM. W. NICHOLS, DENTAL PARLORS over Savinga Bank opposite Court House Square. Teeth exlracted without pain by use of Gas or Vitalized Air. WM. BIGGS. Contractor and Builder, tint all kliuls of nork In connectlon wil h tbe abnve proinptly execnteu. W Shop Cr. of Church-st and S. ünivereity ave. Teleohone 9 : P. O. Box 1'248. Wall Paper? OP ALL -The-:-Latest-:-DesignsPEICES TEE LOWEST. OSCAR O. SORG, The Decorator, 70 S. Hnin-st, - - ■ A VKIHtlt. 32 E. HURON STREET Is a good place to get repairs done by skillful mechantes such as !üsntïping, Furniture, Gasolina Stores BICYCLES, SAWS FILED, etc. Also a full line of HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS New and Second Hand. It is the place to get a good bargain. J. S. MANN, Proprietor. wTTiFQTsP'r SI 'S!!!' & 13lftT V vuhbê m pjyypyjkjL, 1STO3. 6 JJSTJD 8 Washington Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan. , d've alvays on hand a complete Stock oí ever? GROCERY LINE! Teas, Coffees and Sugars & prime Arücles bought for Cash and can sell T. i Our frequent large involcea of 648 a ure sign that we giye bargains in QUALITY AND PRIOE. fKe t0M' our own coflfee every week, alwaya r" yl good. Our bakery tums out the Tery ïfL?' Bred, Cakes ana Crackers. CH1 nd


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