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Met Sudden Deaths

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SKVKN l'.AU.WAY V1CTIÍI8. Aspen. Col.. July 18. - By a wreek on the Colorado Midland near here Saturday night at 11 o'clock eight lives have been lost and many people seriously injured. Aspen Junction was the scène of the disaster. A collision occurred betweeE :i Midland locomötive and the coaches of the Saturday "Laundry" or excursión train running bet ween Aspen and Glenwood Springs. The coach-load of people returning in happy spirits from the springs, where a few pleasant hours had been spent in the swimniing pool, were suddenly plunged in the horrors of a frightful railroad accident which resulted in the killing of seven people and severely scalding and burning six others. Of the twenty-five passengers three colored men, who were in the forward compartment, were the only ones not injured. A 2-year-old ehild of Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Ellis, of Aspen, was killed intantly. Miss Annie Phelan, of Cardiff, died soon after she was taken out. The other dead are Mrs. Frank E. Ellis, Mrs. J. C. (1. lïaldwin, Mrs. VV. L. Willoughby and Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Rogers. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leonard, Mr. Frank Ellis, Thomas O'Donnell, Miss Mary O'Donnell and James Leach, all of Aspen, were scalded and Ijurned. MANY KILLED IN A I.ANDSI.IDE. Tacoma, Wash., July 13.- About 6 O'clock a. in., July 7, those working and living near the Xorth Pacific cannery at Skeena River, Wash., heard a great rushing noise in the direction of the high, steep mountain at the back of the cannery. In a moment an avalanche of rocks and earth and trees was upon the doomed settlement, carrying away everything close to the cannery. The occupants of the houses had time to get outside of the buildings, but, before they eould escape from the advancing torrent of debris, were caught and carried along at a fearful velocity. In all nine houses, with their occupants, were destroyed, including the mess-house and residence of the foreman of the cannery. In the messroom at the time of the eatastrophe was the young wife of the foreman. She was carried along and dashed to death. The lndians claim that among those destroyed were about forty lndians of tbc Post Sampson. Sitka, MeÜakatlah and Kilimat tribes. KILI.K1) ON A NAl'TII A I..WXCII. New YoBK, Jnly 13. - A yachting party composed ol a number of New Yorkers left Thirly-sixth street, Brooklyn, at 7 o'clock a. in. Sunday. They were on board Uie, steam launch Agnes Dean. Before they ffot throngh with thu doy they had some exciting adventures. lt was along about 2 o'clock in the afternoon wlien one of the party saw a man clinging to a buoy bobbing up and down in the water off towarda Coney Island. The buoy is a great distanee from Coney Island. They lowered a small boat and with great difflculty they contrived to get the man from his dangerous resting place. The rescued man said that he was Capt. White, of East Roekaway. He liad been on the Ethel, a naphtha launch. This launch, he said, haa been chartered by :i Mr. Dennis, a wealthy retired diamond merchant of lirooktyn. A party of eight had started on board early in the morning from Rockaway for a day's flshing. The Ethel had cruised about until it reached a point some way out from the shore of Long Then White said a terrible explosión oceurred. It seemetl as if uil the bottom of the boat was suddenly lifted up and blown into the air. Every person on board was hurled into the water. He sank with the rest. W'hen he carne to the surface he.saw nothing but wreckage. There was not a body in sight. He swam tn a buoy and elung there until rescued. DEATH8 r.v ïmow.siv;. Chicago, July 18. - At Colombia park on Sunday John McNeff and Lizzie Kaiser were drowned by the capsizing of a boat in whieh they were riding. Henry Campbell and Leslia Voung lost their lives while boating on Sunday in Lake Calumet near Pullman. John Swanson was drowned in the lake at the foot of Barry avenue Sunday morning, and August Marajeta, aged 17, lost his life while swimming in a clay hole at the corner of Clyborne and Diversey avenues. New Voi'.k, .lulv i:.- Three men were drowned from a small boat on the Hudhon rivei', near the l'ennsylvania railroad wharf, Jersey City, Sunday evening. The men were out for anafternoon's pleasure, and were run into by a steamboat which capsized their craft and caused them to be thrown into the water. The men ;ill Bank before they eould be rescued. Their naines are unknown.


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