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FOES OF SATAN. Minnkai'ous, Minn., July 13.- Sunday raany of the Christian Endeavor delégate were in the Twin City pulpits both morning and afternoon, but full sessions of the convention were held, the only recess being to allow the dalegvtes to go to churoh in the morning. Before that time 5,000 delegates and othere were in their seats in the auditorium to hear President Williain It. Harper, of the Chicago university, give an interesting Bible study, with applications, on "Ninevah's l-'all; the Prophecy of Nahum. '' The short session closed with a fifteen-minute prayer service, led by Rev. 15. B. Tyler, of New York city. One of the finest audiences of the convention gathered in the auditorium iu the afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Prof. Lindsey led in some grand chorus singing. Rev. H. C. Farrar, D. D., pastor of the First Methodist church of Albany, N. Y., presided. "To every man his work" was the motto for the session, and the first speaker was Mr. A. A. Stagg, the famous pitcher of Vale, and at present under engagement as instructor in physical training in the new Chicago university. The next speaker was Miss Margaret V. Leitch, from the .laffna mission, Ceylon, India, who spoke upon "The Young Woman at Work." , She appealed strongly for more mission workers, believing 20,000 missionaries were needed within five years if the heathen of this goneration were tojhear the Gospel, and asking for lii.OUO from the Christian Endeavor to be sent throiigh their various church mission boards. John !. Wooley, of Boston, dolivered an address on "(!ospel Temperance." He said he believed in Gospel temperance in the ballot box, and as he said it an íowa delégate stepped to the front wavinga banner.onesideof whichread: 'Des Moines, the largest city in the world without a saloon," and the other, "Iowa's glory, a schoolhouse on every hilltop and no saloon in the valley. " From floor to gallery a storm of applause swept over the immense gathering, continuing for a couple of minntes. He closed by saying he believed in Do U inperance except (Jospel temperante. It was stattfd from the platform that the attendance of delegates was 14,000 and the session closed by singing the doxology. At the e vening session resolutions opposing the opening of the Columbian exposition on Sunday and denouncing the "whisky rings" inlluence in politics were vmanimously adopted. President Clark was reeleeted and a long list of honorary vice presidenta representing every state, territory and province. Bishop M. N. Qllbert, of Minnesota, of the Protestant Episcopal chüreli, delivered an address on the need, strenffth and growth of the Endeayor movement, which he thought an indication of a rapidly approacliing millennium. The oonsecratiou service began with fifty or more personal testimonies, and tlien [ndiana, Ohlo, Minnesota and others in response to calis from the cháirman rênewed their cousecration in songs dr in repeated verses of scripture. A by Mr. Sankcv and singing by the congregation closed the tenth annual convention.


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