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The Ann Arbor Savings Bank

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Organized 1869, under the Genera. Banking Law of this State Capital, $50.000. Surpks7l00,000, Total Assets, $261,136, Business Men, Guardians, Trustees, Ladies and other persons will find tbis Bank a Safe and Convenient Place at which to make Deposita and do Businss. INTEREST IS ALLOWED ON ALL SAVINGS DEPOSTTS of $10O and upwards, according to the rules of the bank, and interest compounded semi-annually. Money to Loan in Sums of $25 to $5,000. SECURED BY CNINCUXBEHED REAL ESTÁTE AND OTHEK GOOD SKCURITIES. DIREOTORS :-Chrlstian Mack, W. W. Wines, W. D. Harrimaa, Wiliiam Deuble, Dvid Rinsoy, Daniel Hiscock, W. B. Smith and L Gruner. OFFIOERS: - Ohrietian Mark President; "W. D. Harriman, Vice President ; O. E. Hiscock, Cashier. Report of the Condition of the Ann Arbor Savings Bank At Ann Arbor, Michigan, at the close of business, May 4, 1891. RESOURCES. LIABIUTIES. Loans and DiScounts I 1,333 71 capital Stock I 50,000 0 Stock, bon de, mortgagee, etc 244,816 i gurplus Fund 100,000 09 Overdrafts. 10,642 26 ündlvlded Proflts 33,339 87 Furnlture and flxtures 1,980 86 Dividends unPald 356 0Q Curcent expenses and taxes pald ,88 15 I)EPOITS DUeCftomoihërbankTandl , 785 B Certiflcate of depoit 28,548 58-643,87130 bankers Í ' lovriun or Checltsand cash items 229 80 58-, 507 27 Nickels and pennies 141 53 State of Michigan, Coünty of Washtenaw, ra. Gold coin 15,000 00 Bilver " 2,800 00 I, Chas. E. Hiscock, Cashier of the abo ve named ü 8 and Nat Bank notes... 15,958 00-137,056 06 Bank, do solemnly swear that the above state ment Is true, to the best of my kncwledge and f827,567 27 belief. CHAS. E H18COCK, Cashier. Cohkkct- Attest: Christíín Mack, L. Ouineh, Wm D. Hakbucak, Directois. Subscribed and swom to otfjie uie. 9th day of May 1891. .MICHAEL J. FRITZ, No'.ary Public.


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