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Glory To God

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The most disappointing legislature that has met since 1855 has adjourned to receive the unanimous anathemas of lts constituency. With high hopes the Democracy saw it meet January -Ith, and had no other thought than at far-hest by April, many reforms having oeen accomplished, and the work of :he egislature so promptly and well done, that it would be pointed at with pride, and made to go so far in winning the campaign of '92, that the members could come home to receive the plaudit: 'Well done, good and faithful eervants." AS time -i-ore on these hopes began to ade, and at lengih turned to despair. The legislature, so far as the prolongaof ïtie session goes, has done its ■worst. Had it set till next January the effect on the party could hay e been no worse. We wlll not dweil on its shortcomings or its misdoings. Suffice it to ay that it has destroyed all the force of whatever criticism we have made, or kult we have found w i t ti Uepublican legislatures for tha past thirty years andspiked every gun that we'uiay direct at the coming ones, except as we shail condemn this for the same faults ior which we damned those. For the good of the party, Demócrata and Democratie papers, must, perfores, take exactlv opposite ground from what they gladly expected to occupy ast winter. Instead of approving, tbêy must repudíate the action of the legislature :n the late session. In this way something may be Baved. It will be useleas to attempt the election of another Democratie legislature, on a platform endorsing this one. We do not of coursedeny that it has done some good things. But Ihe same gan be said of its worst predepessors, and they fall short of redeeming its delinquencies. We bar out in advanop. all the retorts based on the Democratie lepislature of 1891, when we shall have to deal with thp faults of funre Republican bodies. We repudíate


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