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Miss Cora Robison is visiting here. Hay is all cut, except on the lowlands. Ray and Lena Fall, of Ann Arbor, are visitiug relativos. Mrs. Ralph McAl laster, f rom Wisconsin, is visiting friends here. Ed. Latson met with a slight accident the other day from a hay fork. The Sunday school missionary society gave a concert laat Sunday' evening. The next month will be the annual meeting of the society and election of officers. Wheat is nearly all harvested. In many places not a very largo per cent. of the uncut wheat remained standing, for insects, by boring into the lower joints, had caused much of it to tumble. Wheat is therefore harvested earlier, thousjh much of it is green. Mllan. C. M. Fuller left for Erie last week. Mrs. J. H. Ford left for the oast yesterday. Mre. Pyle left for Niágara, N. Y., Monday. Miss Lelia Kelley gave a party Tuesday to a few friends. Mrs. Nellis entertained her sister from Grand Rapids last week. W. H. Whitmarsh and wiftfand Mrs. W. W. Watts drove to Aan Arbor Sunday. t, G. R. Williams and wife entertained guests from out of town, the firet of the week. Mrs. O. P. Newcomb and son, of Detroit, are visiting Milan friends this week. The Presbyterians held their tea social at Mrs. E. O. Leonard's on Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. Bemap are entertaining friends from Detroit andSherwood, Ohio, this week. Mr. and Mrs. Will Barnes and son returned Saturday evening from a two week's visit in Quincy. E. Webster, of Saline, rode to Milan on a bicycle the last of the week, took part in a match game of ball and returned home the next morning on the wheel. The Presbyterian young people elected the following officers last week: President, Mrs. E. O. Leonard; vice president, W. R. Calhoun; secretary, Miss M. McGregor; treasurer, Mrs. A. W. Reynolds. Ckolseu. M. J. Lehman is making preparations to moveto Ann Arbor. Cora Oslaver, of Hamburg, spent Sunday with Fannie Hammond. Mrs. D. G. Hoag and daughter Josie left Wednesday for Bay View. H. Lighthall erected a windmill for Dr. R. 8. Armstrong, last week. Miss Louise Keek, of Cleveland, has been the guest of Mrs. T. Wood. Miss AliceSargent has been entertaining Mrs. J. C. Cádeoux, of Detroit. Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Glazier were in Detroit last Tuesday and Wednesday. Finley Hammond, clerk for A. C. McClurg, Chicago, spends his vacation at home. W. Wood, for some time connected with the Chelsea mili, will soon moveto Zancsville, O. L. E. Sparks, of Jackson, ñas purchased the Chelsea roller mil!, and will soon lócate here. Geo. Ward went to Chicago last week, as delégate to the national convention of the Baptist young peoples' societies. Married, July 2nd, by Rev. T. Holmes, W. H.Fay, of Ypsilanti, and Mrs. Al vira Gage, of Chelsea, at the residence of the bride's brother, C. E. Clark. At the annual school meeting, held on Monday evening, July 13, L. D. Loomis waa elected a trustee in the place of H. Lighthall, and Jabez Bacon was re-elected.


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