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in:s AND iinmiMs Princesa Stepbanie is said to be fast losing the beauty that made her so famoub ten yeare ago. Rev. H. H. Fairall, D. D., editor of the Iowa Methodist, says editorially, "We have tested the nierits of Ely's Cream Balm, and believe that, by a thorough course of treatment, it will cure almost every case of catarrh. Ministers, as a class, are altlicted with head and throat troubles, and catarrh eeems more prevalent than ever. We cannot recommend Ely's Cream Balm too highly." I used Ely's Cream Balm for dry catarrh. It proved a cure. - B. F. M. Weeks, Denver. 2 The prince of Wales is said to be a lightning change artist in the way of doffing his attire. Shirley Dare looks more like a poetess than a journalist and a writer in domestic topics. She is a blonde, with soft eyes and golden hair. Sweetcr tbnn Honey in IIic IloneyMmb. "What in life ishalf so Bweet, As the hour when loyers meet." Jsothing is sweeter to the youthful and robust in health, but, alas! too many "court in poetry and live in prose" after marriage. ïhis is especially true of the wife ■vhose changed relations bring on weakness and derangements peculiar to married women, so that their lives become "prosy." To all such, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a great boon. It cures .weak backs, headaches.neuralgic and "bearing down" pains, displacements and irregularities of the female organs. It is likewise a restorative and invigorating tonic, strengthening the nerves,and imparting new life to the tired and debilitated, bringing back the "roses to the cheek " and the "rainbows in the eyes." Sold by all druggiste, under guarantee from Hs makers of satisfaction in every case or price (81.00) refunded.


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