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O, this dull. depreesing headache, That won't wear olí ; Tliis hawking and tilia spitting, And this hacking cough. I' ve lost my f-ense of smelling, And taste's going, too. I know catarro 's hat ails me, Hut- what .hall Ido? My hacking and my hawking Keeps up a steady din; I 'm haunted by the fear that Consumption may set in. I feel supremely wretched; Ko wonder I'm blue, I know my health'B faillüg, But- what can I dof Do? 111 tell you what to do, my riend, if you'll lend me your ear a miníte. Go down to the drug store and my Dr. Sage's Catarrh Eemedy, and ake it according to directions given, ind you'll soon find that this miserable leadache is a tbing of the past; the íacking, hawking and spitting, so disareeable to others as well aa yourself, will come to an end, and in a short time ou will feel like a new man. A new nan - think of that - and all for fifty ents, which is the price of Dr. Sage's íatarrh Kemedy, theunfailing cure for (lis terrible disease. Tne Slimmer Glrl. I read about tbe summer glrl, As purty ez a rose, That gambols by the seaside Without a heap o' clotbes; But oíd Jonefl's daughter Jionle, Is as chipper ez I see, And her Scnday gown o' calicó, It justsultsme. -James Whitcomb Riley. The .nul Benefit Vhich people in run down state of ïealth derive from Hood's Sarsaparilla, onclusively provea that the medicine makes the weak strong." It does not et like a stimulant, imparting a fictitious strength, but Hood's Sarsaparilla milds up, in a perfectly natural way, all ,he weakened parts, purifies the blood, nd assists to healthy action those imortant organp, the kidneys and liver, Subsidies Vid It For Itolli Alikc Every free trader in the United States asserted that England had all the trade of Brazil because it was a free trade ountry. They did not think the Engish subsidy to ships had anything to ló with it. The free trade fallacy was exposed when France and Germany, two protection countries, gotjust as much trade as their transportation facilities would admit,and they are still giving England a tight race. - Boston Journal. That Baby ui Mine, Auntie, three months ago, had the salt rheum so bad that his head was a maes of sores, and I had begun to lose all hopes of raising him, but my druggist recommended Sulphur Bitters, and today he is as fat and chipper as anybaby you ever saw, and he has not asore on his head, and just think that after paying out so much, that a few dollars worth of Sulphur Bitters should cure him.- Mrs. J. C. Hall, Lowell. 2 A Dnbious Compliment. She (flshing for compliment) - Do you think my voice needs cultivation? He (anxious to pay her a compliment) - Not at all. Cultivation couldn't improve a voice like yours. Slreet Corner PcsslinistH. Poiiticians who sit around corner groceries and whittle pine sticks, and groan about "the poor man's tin pail" and "the robber tariff" are not the men who lift mortgages and build homes and bring prosperity to the land. Without being impertinent, there could be no better advice than to "shut your mouth, roll up your sleeves and go to work." - Chicago ínter Ocean. I Vla tbc West Michigan to Petoskr.v. Commencing with the new schedule of the Chicago & West Michigan and Detroit, Lansing & Northern, in effect June L'lst, the line of steamers between Traverse City and Charlevoix. Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Mackinac Island and St. Ignace will commence operations. The steamers on this line this season will be the well and favorablvknown"Cityof Grand Kapids" and "Gazelle." They will leave Traverse City at 7:00 A.M.every day except Sunday, upon arrival of the C. & W. M. passenger train, which leayes Grand Rapids at 11:30 p. m., landing passengers immediately at the boat doek. The ride down the beautiful Grand Traverse Bay is one of the pleasant features of this route to the northern country and one much in favor by tourists. Plenty of time is given at Traverse City for breakfast at the l'ark Place, favorably known to all who have visited the Traverse Bay región. Northport is reached at 9:20 a. m., Charlevoix at 11:30, Petoskey 1:30 r. Bi., Harbor Springs 2:00 p. m., Mackinac Island 7:15 p. m. and St. Ignace 8:00 p. m. in time for connection with the D. S. S. & A. Ry. for Marquette and points bevond. Through sleeping cara will be run from Chicago and Grand Rapids to Traverse City, good connection being made at Granó Rapids by the trair leaving Detroit at 6:00 p. m. via the Detroit, Lansing & Northern. Parlor car on this train from Detroit to Grane Rápida. For further information re garding rates, etc, apply to any ticke agent. _j 0


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