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Ann Arbor Savings Bank

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THE Is Tntroducing in this City m mm mm stamp sïsïiii. Designed EspeciaUy for THE SA VING OF SMALL SUMS And is Intended for Children and People of Moderate Means Laying Aside Part of their Earnings as The Foundation of a Fortune ! This System saves the Depositor the Expense of Time, Trouble and Money in reachinq the Bank., and HAS ACHIKVED Pil! SÜCCESS In Frankfort, Germany, ivhere it was first introduced by the Frankforter Sparkasse in 1882. The system was first inaijuarated in America, by the Citizen 's Savings Bank of Detroit, Mirh., and the PeopWs Home Savings Bank of San Francisco, Cal. A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE SYSTEM. THE Banks issue to their Agents a large number of gummed stamps similar to postage stamps, each one of which, when pasted in one of the Bank's " NICKEL SAVINGS BOOKS," has the valué of five cents. Any persen desiring to open a Savings Bank Account goes to the Bank's nearest agent, buys one or more stamps and receives free a NICKEL SAVINGS BOOK, each page of which is divided into twenty spaces of such size that one five cent stamp may be readily pasted within each square. When all the squares on the page are thusfilled, the leaf represents $1.00. The depositor now filis out in ink the signature slip attached to the back inside cover of his book, and takes the book to an agent who tears out the leaf and the signature slip and sends both to the Bank, which files away the signature slip and issues a regular deposit account book, showing a credit to the depositor of $1.00. This book is delivered through the agent to the depositor. The depositor then begins to fill another page with stamps, and when it is full he writes his name on the back of the leaf and sends it to the Bank through the agent. All money deposited in the Bank before the fifth of the month, draws interest from the first of the same month. All sums deposited after the fifth of the monthi draws interest from the first of the following month. Whenever the depositor is twelve yeais of age, or under, the bank issues a handsome and durable Silver and Gold Face Deposit Card instead of a Deposit Book, when the first dollar's worth of stamps is deposited ; but just as soon as the holder of the card has S5.00 or more deposited in the bank, he receives a regular deposit boök. Money deposited by the holdSr of the card draws interest and can be withdrawn just the same as though the regular deposit book had been issued. AGENCIES: HENRY J. BROWN, Drnggist, Cor. Main and Hurón StS. W. F. STIMSON, Grocer, 5 E. Aun Sfe JOHN EISELE, Grocer, 4 Detroit St. JOHN MOOKE, Druggist, 13 E. Hurón St. MANN BROS., Druggists, 39 S. Main St. RINSEY & SEABOLT, Grocers, 6 and L E. Washington St. WM. F. LODHOLZ, Grocer, 4 and 6 Broadway. E. E. CALKINS, Druggist, 34 S. State St JOHN HAARER, Photographer, 5 W. Liberty St. H. RANDALJL, Photographer, 30 E. Huron St.


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