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The Soap that Cleans Most is Lenox. a ■ ■ Mk"AXAKESlS"jr vos instant Hl I ■rcliei and is an infallible H_ Care for Fiks. lrice$l. l!y ■r ■ kDrugKistsormail. Samples ■Jflve.'Addlvss'-ANAKKSlS, %m Mü %Fliox 2416, New York City. lun.v '■ ' Hluderaiice to Sikccsh. A manVbom the better element of bis own party in his own state repudiates and condemns is no flt person to act as high counselor for the national Republican party. The sooner the party purges itsell of such connection the better. Quay will prove a serious obstruction to success next year if he and his machine are glued to the party. - Minneapolis Journal. GILLETTf Quickest and Best NONE BUT MAGIC WILL MÁK'E BREAD THAT PREVEL T3 DYSPEPSI JOMO QTHZR EQUALS OR APPñQACHES IT IN LEAVEN3NG 3TRENGTH, PURITY, AND WHOLESOMENESS. ! Vjhe Best and Purest Medicine!! i L EVER MADE. ÍXÍWltwlinirivetheHumorfromyonrli t. C.systom, aud make your skmlll 'o AyOyHicluHn and emooth. Thosel I % .Pimplea and Blotches ''j. %, y 4i wliii'h mar your beautyew ,% e. '4 vftLaro caused by lmpuregg k 'e %%kSLïiooi' . . cai biin WfOfenLtlmo, ií you arel I wmm WÊMm n Tno Dose .o a 'ó. í X% t IBsniall-oiilyatca;, . "o .vl jspuouful. % o % I llbest and cheapegtV o .Vl 1 II medicine. Ti-y it, uiVy %%, I K GetltoIyoupDroeglst VS SHDox'tWait. Getitatosoe j. jM I If you aro snfferlng trom Klil Ih II ik y biscase, and wish to Uve to II ol.l age, asi! SULPIIUa BlTTEUS.k I jllThey'iiever lailtocure. Sll Send 3 2-ccnt st.imiis to A. P. Ordway & Co., Boston, JlasB., for best medical work published? VOUR Blood WlTH Hibbard's Herb Extract A WONDERFUL CURE. .ËBte This is a true like2i ness of me wearins ■MeKWU artificial nosc. and Hjji S upper lip after Scrof]K3bBW nía hadeonsumedmy % yTPf '108 and upper lip, %V7 cured by IIibbabd's gkM HkühExtkact. This -rtOU. _ is not a Patent niediT1 proparation of roots ai'd herbs that oured me over 47 iears ago, since when I have cured thoiisands with its use. It roquires a powerful vegetable remedy to effect such a cure as my own, and my argunient has always been that the remeJy that curod me would euro all forms of Scrofuln or othor Ulood and kin Diseases. lts success has boen Phcnomenal. Send for list of testimoniáis and printed history of my case. or cail on me any day, or write &nd desoribe your case. Advice free. Mus. J. HlBBAHD. Avoid iiüitations. Be euro above trale&nus on itrapper. 81.00 at all Druggiats. H'BBARD HERB EXTRACT CO., 07 Canal St, Chicago, IU.


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