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" How fat I'd get if I had one." FREE- Get from your dealer free, the Ya Book. It has handsome pictiires and valuable inforraation about hora Two or three dollars ior a s& Horse Blanket will inake your horse worth more and eat less to keep warm. 5A Five Bïiie kM , 5A Boss Stabie As for 5A Electric 5A Extra Test 30 other styles at prieel to snit everybody. If you can't got tfcem ■ ■ your dealer, write us. O' FLY N ETS CHEAP AND STRONC. 20'otlier styles 5-A NeU, prtoM to snit ail Wa. Aybbs & Sons, 1'uu..iuelphia. öold ly :ill dealers. NEW ADVERTISEMENTST g% U Al"n "d Tumors CORID : no krnfn llAHÜhn buk DrS' GUATIONI & Dit, UHIlVbllKO' 163 Elm St, CinciunatI, u. ftpr A ViNESS a HEA MOISÉS CUREDtiT 11 ■■ A fc I-1 INVISIBLE TUBUIA EAR mmmim CUSHiONS. Whispcra hord. Com. nrlblK. Mim'..riilwhrrpIIUFmi'.liraril. Soldbrr. UISKH, ij, e-SUr-dwij, .s krk. WrlU fr bauk f prnb rUU #Dr. Grosvenor's k n ii Belkap-sic ""ZZtÜf PLASTER. I j Rheumatism, nflaritlfla, plfurisyaud lumbaoH MLwfUt_oncg:_gaif_f for ■!&■. l,v all Drupgiftt.. M PARKER'S pS , HAIR BALSAM = í wD Never Fails to Restore Gray hWPJIV'-B Hair ? '? Vouttful Color. I'se Parker's Ginger Tonio. It cm the wont OougD, Weak LungB, IX-liility, Indigestión, Puin, Take in time. 5Octa. HINDERCORNS. The onlTtcracnratoConu. Êtopi Upaia. lic. al DrueüistJ, or 1JÍSCÜX K L(J., .N ï & );Mitchell'sKi(lney Piasters yj - - SJ bsorb all dUease in the'Kidneys and I t" tcetore them to a hcalthy condition. 'IJb Oíd ebronic kidney BuíTcrcrs 6ay ( J they got no relief nntïl they tried '( BIITCHEM.'S KIDNEÏ PI.ASTEHS. Soldby Drngplsta cvcrywtiere, or sent by mail for 50c Novelty l'lastor Workm LowelU Maas "Wood's Ph-ospnodinö. the gri;at egmii remedy. actl for 35 yeara. . jjaGS ot Youthful follj ■ ihimsandssuc-l IMf1í and the cm , .liy, ntN?F i"f later '■ to cure uil T.Ba aJ Öe# imitto ■mis of Nfervous yiyTvr sírrntííi . i.eas. Umi-1 KiftigVtfri "r-Askdni'. (■■swBiWïJw for oodh i ■ ea, Impoteucy.lï,, "l0 ,;i ' 'x-',r' phodlni tuke Q (tullthe eiTectsl11010"""1 LL' BUbstltuU i .-f, $1; alx, $5. by mail. Write for a Thn.Wood Chemici:! Co., 131 V-'oüüw.m J e., Detroit, Mícli. 4 II YOU WISH To Advertise 0 Anything Anywhere ATAny time WRITE TO Geo. P. Rowell & Ca No. io Spruce Stree NEW YORK. -A SPLENDIDRESIDENCE For Sale! We have, for s;ile a Bplendld BRICK RESIDENCE, in the best part of the City, for BALE AT A BARGAIX. All in good ispair. Suitable terina of [layment may behad Cali upon or adilreb S. M., 50tf Bkoibteb Office. B A pumphlet of Information and Katract of the laws, úbuwiDg Uow toflf H. übtain Patenta, Careats, TradcvJ ■.Marks, Cop;rlehta, sent recAf AdJt. MUNN & CQ.ZW ■3ül llrondnay.M


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