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Wm. Arnold's store is to have a new ftont. _____ A. F. Covert has placed a water motor in his laundry. The street forcé has been lowering the sidewalk on Fuller-st. Since July 1 the county treasurer has paid out $S4.90 for sparrow heads. The Ann Arbor Organ company received a new sand papering machine on Monday. Joseph.W. Kollauf, a tailor, on Tuesday morning was fined $5 and costs for being drunk. The summer term of the iion school commenced Monday morning, .with fifty-two pupils. Burning boxes back of Werner and Brenner's store on Main-st called out the fire department Monday evening. Thomas Matthews and John Gow, charged with criminal assault, were bound over to the circuit court on Friday. Washtenaw county, during the lust quarter, was charged $47.11 for the maintenance of one ineane criminal at Ionia. The number of Grand Army men from this county who will attend the encampment at Detroit is eatimated at 300. The six-inch pipes for the water works extensión on Hill-st, west Jefferson-st and Seventh-st are now on the ;round. Dwyer & Vhay, of Detroit, shipped to Ann Arbor on Monday the first caroad of watermelons which has yet arrived this season. Fire broke out early Sunday morning in some barrels of rags stored in the ware house of Louis Rhode. But little damage was done. Mary Tedder has filed a bilí for divorce from her husband, Marcellus, on he ground of habitual drunkenness. They have been married fourteen vears. The Cory G. A. R. post, of Wayne, celebrated its seventh anniversary on Saturday. Among the speakers were E. P. Allen, of Ypsilanti, and H. S. Dean, of this city. Mrs. Martha A. Corbin.who for many years resided in this city, died on Thursday last at the home of her son in Dundee. Her remains were taken to Grand Iele, Vt., for interment. The resignation of Capt. Manly from he position of commandant of the soldiers' home has elicited considerable discussion in this city. The general opinión is that Mr. Manly acted hastily n the matter. Frank Campion has been detailed, during the past few days, for special night pólice duty on State-st. A numer of young rowdies have been infestng that locality, much to the annoyance of passers-by. P. W. Barney, of Burlington, Vt., who visited his únele, R. C. Barney, of this city, in April, was drowned in Lake George on Sunday last. He was superintendant of the Lake Champlain Transortation Company. Justice Butts on Monday sent Leo Spoor to the stone pile for thirty days. Spoor has already been sent to the house of correction twice and to the county jail four or five times for varancy. He has cost the county $600. Joseph Lanz, of west Second-st, tried o burn out hen lice in his barn Monday morning. In so doing he accidentally set fire to the building itself. The roof was burnt off before the fire department could extinguish the ñames. The Young Ladies' society of the Sethlehem church hare elected the 'ollowing officers: President, Miss Beta Weinmann; vice president, Miss Nf atilda Neumann ; secretary and :reasurer, Miss Pauline Mogk; assistant treasurer, Miss Minnie Binder. W. J. Clark was arrested Thursday evening on a charge of illegitimate parentage preferred by Minnie Dosey, a sixteen-year-old girl living on south Fourth-ave. Mr. Clark appeared before Justice Pond the next morning and gave bonds for his appearance next Tuesday. The Railway Service Gazette of June 25, published at Toledo, Ohio, contains a description of an operation performed by Dr. Carrow, of this city, whereby Mrs. G. W. Howard, who was almost totally blind, regained her sight. Mrs. Howard is wife of the grand chief of the Br(tf.herhood of Railway Conductors. The feud between Edward Norton and Millard F. Ciernen ts, of Dixboro, has broken out again. Last spring Mr. Clements was convicted of assault and battery. On Mohday last Mr. Norton appeared before Justice Butts, on complaint of Mr. Clements, and was bound over to the circuit court on a similar charge. M. D. L. Branch writes to an exchange asfollows: "I am now in Ann Arbor, the prettiest town in the state, (won'l except Kalamazoo,) visiting relatives and friends. A very large number o: old pioneers have passed away; the mounds in the cemeteries increase in number, as fast as the city increases in improvement and buildings." The Ann Arbor road is building a Bide track for the fruit and vinegar factory The regents meet next Saturday to inBpect the bids for erecting new buildings. Judge Cooley was quite seriously ill the first of the week, bilt is now much better. The state press association vrili stop at Ann Arbor, nexi winter, en route for the south. G. P. Codd, lit '91, defeated N. S. Johnson in the Chicago tennis tournatnent, Tuesday. The final hearing in the matter of the Charles Thayer estáte has been adjourned till August ] 1. F. C. LeviB, formerly with W. N. Winans & Co., Detroit, is now salesman in the store of Schairer & Millen. Seward Crainer has formed a law partnership with bis father, D. Cramer. His inany friends wish him success. -Mrs. A. Otto has rented the store on Washington-st and Fourth-aveformerly occupied by Mrs. E. L. Munyon. Welch Post, G. A. R , met last night and discussed camp matters. They ex peet to charter five cars for their use. ■ Extracta from Prof. Green's report on sewerage will be found on the second page. No voiershould fail to read it. Messrs. H. and J. W. Goodspeed have purchased the Turtle house and lot on the corner of Ingalls and Catherine-sts. Secretary Wade, of the University says that he is receiving more than the usual number of inquiries froin prospective studente. The African Methodists will erect a new brick church on the site of the present structure. It will be forty by sixty feet in size. An ice cream social will be given on the lawn of St. Thomas church, next Saturday evening. J. E. Harkins will singseveral comic songs. David Wild and wife were thrown out of their carriage on south Main-st, Sunday afternoon. Their injuries have confined them to the house this week. Daniel Crawford, a teamster, was 5ned $3.00 and costs, yesterday, lor assault upon Gottlob Kugagh. He claims ;hat the latter was drunk and quarrelsome. There will be no services at Zion's church next Sunday, on account of the absence of Rev. Mr. Hein, who goes to Alpena. Evening services will be discontinued till Fall. The Washtenaw County Medical Institute met Tuesday afternoon in Ypsianti and eiected the following officers: President, Heneage Gibbes; secretary, C. G. Darling; treasurer, F. K. Owen; joard of censors- F. K. Owen, V. C. Vaughn and W. F. Breakey. Improvemeftts are being made in the rink, which is now being used by Old ompany A as an armory. A dressing room is being partitioned off in the ■ northwest corner. The members of the company expect to be in good trim by he time of the Grand Army encampment. Mrs. Eleanor Burnham, widow of the ate Nathan Burnham, died yesterday morning at her residence in the fifth ward. She was seventy-seven years old, She leaves two daughters, Misses Mary and Jennie, and one son, Charles, funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon. William Taylor.a negro who assaulted 'Jeff" Davis two years ago with a etone and bas traveled around the country without being arrested, came back to Ann Arbor this week. He was arrested Tuesday evening by Deputy Sheriffs Peterson and McCabeand lodged in jail. His examination was fixed for the 28th On Tuesday the first new wheat of .he season was brought to the Central Mills by W. H. Pease, of Saline. It was sold for ninety cents a bushel. The market for new wheat in Detroit is somewhat demoralized, the price being only 88$ cents. The Ann Arbor price is not likely to exceed eighty-five cents. The finance committee of the council has been preparing an estímate of the municipal expenses for the remainder of the year. Itis probable that the city will be obliged to build two new bridges and three stone culverts. The amount now on hand is $2,000. The ordinary municipal expenses per month, including wages, lighting, etc., amount to $1,300. The treasurer of the art loan, Mrs. Philip Bach, has just completed her report. The receipts amounted to $2,702,56, distributed asfollows: Cashreceived at door, $1,599.81; refreshments, $502.84; sale of catalogues, $145.00; advertisingin catalogues, $316.00; flowers,$101.61; sundries, $37. 30. The expenses amounted to $504.07, leaving $2,198.49 to turn over to the trustees of Newberry Hall. Dr. W. W. Nichols last fall built a cold storage house for the preservation of fruit. In October he placed in it a number of greening apples. When these were taken out, a few days ago, they were found in a perfect condition, sound and firm. Specks where decay had started had dried up, failing to spread farther. Even the color of the apples was preserved. The doctor expects to experiment with pears this fall.


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