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With the exception of Aid. Hall, now in Alaska, every member of the council attended the semi-monthly meeting Monday night. The supervisors' room was used again, improvements in the council chamber being still uniinished. The first basiness to come befare the council was a communication from the mayor, vetoing the resolution passed at the last meeting, which authorized the printing of Prof. Greene's report in the official papers and asked bids for publishing 3,000 copies in pamphlet form. The reasons given were mainly technical, the mayor objecting to ordering anything printed which did not appear in the written record. The council failed to pass tb e resolution over the veto, only two yea votes being given. The matter of opening Summit-st between Beakes and Detroit-sts then came before the connci!. Thos. D. Kearney spoke in behalf of Mrs. Foley, and advised the appointment of a special committee to agree upon terms. H. A. Douglas represented the gas corapany. A resolution was ofifered by Aid. Martin, providing for a lbur-rod street, and assessing the benefits thereof upon property owners in the vicinity. Aid. Fillmore moved an amendment striking out the special assessment clause of the resolution. A lively discussion eusued and the amendment finally passed by a vote of 8 to 4. On motion of Aid. O'Hearn, a committee consisting of Alderman Fillmore, Taylor and Mann, was appoit.ted, with instructions to confer with the property-owners. The board of public works recommended that sidewalks be ordered built on Washington-st, Main-st, Huron-st, Mill-st, Broadway, State-st, Spring-st, and repaired on William-st, Fourth-ave and Liberty-st. The board of fire commiesioners recommended that the salaries of firemenbefixed at $40 a month for the first year of Eervice, $45 for the second year and $50 for the third year, and that the salary of the chief be fixed at $70 a month. The report of the board of health, praviously mentioned, was read and referred to the water comntittee. The city clerk then read several letters regardingsewerage. Thatreceived from Kalamazoo stated that the city had experienced no difficulty from the discharge into the river and that no suit had ever been brought against the city. The same testimony was given by Grand Rapids and Flint. In Jackson one claim for damage had been presented but it has not been pushed. The people living along the Jackson river had accasionally complained. B. B. Morgan, of Ypsilanti, and Theo. Schwab at this point took the floor and explained models for the proposed city map which they had prepared, ehowing water mains, sewers, fire limits, lots and electric lights. A motion, oilered by Aid. Wines, appropriating $100 for printing 5,000 copies of Prof. Greene's report was lost by a vote of 8 to 4. The finance committee recommended that the claim of Mrs. Foley for damage to her property on Detroit-st be disallowed, and the council concurred. The report of the fïnance committee on the probable expenses for the remainder of the year contained the following figures : Balance on hand at date, $1952.92; cost of salaries, light, and printing for seven remaining months, $9,100; water tax, $2,595; street fund, $5,282; poor fund, $692; hook and ♦adder truck, $1,000; total, $18,669; eotimated receipts, 8400; on hand February 1, 1892, $2,352.00, leaving estimated deficit of $16,317. If several proposed improvements are carried out the deficit will be slightly in excess of what it was February 1,1891. Aid. Martin read the sidewalk ordinance for the third time and Aid. Winesoffered an amendment providing that the etone walk on Detroit-st should stop at North-st and that. the northeast side of Washtenaw-ave, botseen north University-ave and Hill-st, be added to the list. The first part of the amendment passed but the second was, on motion of Aid. O'Hearn, laid on the table. The amended ordinance passed unanimously. Alderman Martin then read the title of an ordinance regarding the use of street cars by the people. J. Q. A. Sessions rose to protest against the interference of the street commissioner with the building of sidewalks. At thia point, on account of the large amount of business still untransacted, the councü decided to adjourn till Monday night next. Rev. J. C. Carman, of Zanesville, O. Iwill preach at the Baptist church next Sunday morning.


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