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MW. Wm. Kanouse, of York, died last WAP JE South Lyon paid 81, -120.00 in ieachers' salaries las! ear. , F. E. Jones will represent the Saline Maccabeesal Jat kson, Belleille is proudof the fact that Bh will soon haveVix bicycles. Station Agent Bennett, of Saline, now trundles a seven-pound girl. John Btowell, of Lodi, lost a valnable horse tel week. Si nuk by lightning. Great preparationsarebeing made tot the celebration of Germán day in Manchester. Robinson & Koebbe of Manchester, have sold sixteen binders and seven mowers this season. ■ Stockbridge dril store has been Belling beer as a beverage. A. prosecotion has been commenced. E A. Batnell, son of Dr. Batwell, of Ypsilanti, will furnish plans for a government building in Alaska. Prof! M. A. Whitney, formerly of Skowhegan. Maine. has been elected superintendent of the Ypsilanti schools. Dr. A. V. Avery, a gradúate from the homoeopathic department of the University, has opened an office in South Lyon. A South lyon barber "slugged" a white prowler under the ear, the other night. The fellow was peeping into his window. Adam Schaible cut sixty-two acres 01 wheat in three days lor L. S. Hulbert with a seven-foot Plano binder.- Manchester Enterprise. Jones Bros.' barn near Hamburg was struck by lightning and entirely consumed. Bills araounting to $350, whicli were secreted in the grain b:n, were saved. The wool business of our tovn has been fairly )i;ely thus far. About $10,000 have already been paid out, and not far from 50,000 pounds marketed.- Iexter Leader. Sparks from the metor train on the Ypsi-Ann road red a bay stack for Fred Hutzel. last Saturday, but as good luck would have it, it was discovered in tirne to save the property. - Saline Observer. Yesterday morning Dr. Lynch iasattending to bis cow, wheii he became entangled in the rope in some way and was tripped up. In íalling liis collar bone was broken, and Dr. Kapp was calleil to set it.- Manchester Enterprise. It was anything butan act ofcanningness on the part of the young gentlemen who scattered parlor maxhes on the sidewalk last Sunday night, expecting the young ladies to step on and explode them.- Saline Observer. That'a true. Boys 1 lint would do that would Bteal watermelons if they had a chance. Joe Feather today marketed sixty nice fat hogs, averaglng overtwo hundred por.. A drove of this kind in July, we venture, La seldoin equaled; however, we have observed that Joe always has a good drove of sometbing to turn oflf wlicn the price suits him - Saline Observer. N. W. [lolt of the Manchester roller milis is testiiij.' a nuw invention of his own which he invited as to ni-peci a few diiys ago. It is a íoller suction, for taking the hot air from the rollers to prevent them from aweating, and returning it cooled to the rollers without wasting. - Manchester Enterprise. vRnsom Ramsdell, who resides two miles north of town, again showed niarked signs of insauity, cutting off his calves' ears, slitting the ears of his :ows, chasing his children with a pitch fork and doing other acts of a clearlv insane nature. Ile was taken to Kalamazoo to the asylum Fnday. He was there about sixteen years ago. - Stockbridge Sun. Mr. John Lancaster, a book-binder formerly employed in the Commercial bindery, recently became unable to work and was flnally taken to the county houBe, where he died, and, as we are informed, his body was sent to Ann Arbor, as no one was heard of who took an interest in him. The old man's fate was unknown to many in the place, who would have helped 'to give him a decent burial, until too late.- Sentinel. Wiltse A Son, the harneas makers, have in their shop one of the oldest clocks in the country. It was brought from Mexico by a soldier who was stationed at Mackinaw and it is supposed to be 171 years old, as it hada copper píate on the dial dated ITl'O. It keepsgood time, strikes the botmand quarter hours, haring two bells. It is really a curiosity and may be seen in the front room at any time. - Manchester Enterprise. Rev. LeRoy Hooker, who has several pastorates in some of the largest churches on this continent and who Ivas traveled extensively in this country and Europe, took an oüting on Monday at Portage lake, and notwithstanding his catch of fiah by trolling around the lake Wi.s not big, liis words of praise for the beauties and richnessof the intervening country seemed almost extravagant. He thinks that our little villageof Dexter is one of the delightful places of the earth. - Leader. As one of our old citizens was dealing out his jokes to a promiecaons and Informal gathering, a Mr. M., another old timi i i in to listen to the good thinks, wnen the former, not noted for his piety uur white skin, declared that he and Mr. W. ere exeeedingly good when boys, and used to attend Sundayschool together, and after school was dismissed would go in swlmming regulariv: but that Jim would always gel in firstand rile the water; and tlAt.sald he, is wlcat makes me so confonnded black. - Dexter Leader. Oue day iaat weck wliile our harneas maker, H. Wiltse, was in Dexter, he went out toexamineatelephoneground wire and while pulling the grasa away from the side oi the building heard a rattling noiae, something he had never heard before.and glancingin that direction'saw the head of a rattlesnake witlnn six inches of his hand. The old fellow was stretcbed out at full length, which was probably fortúnate for Mr! W., for had he been coiled he miht have bitten him. Mr. Wiltse was not long in grabbing a hoe with which he severed hia head from his body with one utroke. - Manchester Enterprise (Snake dejiartment.)


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