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The number of acres of wheat in the Btate in May of this year, as -iiown by returns compilad, tras 1,581,774, and multiplyinj? ti ated yield per acre ftives 24,tt71,558 bashels as the pro! al Ie total yield f the Btate. ïhis is ui average per acre of .-!7 bushels in the Bouthern eounties, 12.40 in the central eounties, and 11.47 in thenortherncounties. the areain wheat this ycai I ian 140,000 acres rreater than harvested in 189J. The number of ocrea of wheut harveted In L890 was approximately 1,488,800; yield :;2,9tlO,098 bushels; au average of 16 96 bushels per acre. Work of Torent FlreSi The Metropolftan Lumber Company at Metrppo itan lost 7,000,000 feet of lumber and all the logs on the river bank burned down to the water edge by foresi Br. Xhelr large and well-equipped sawmill was also destroyed. Xheamcmnt of Insuranoe was not known. 'J wo bridges on the Chicago & Northwestern railroad were also de.stroyed. Forest Bres destroyed the little hamlet of Whitney, on tho (hieaffo & Northwestern road. Seventeen famiilies were horaeless and only ons store and charcoal kilns were left standing. Health in MiohlfMl. Reports to the state board of health by sixty-thrce obserrers in different parts of the state for the week ended July 11, indicated that typhoid fever, inflammationof the brain. diphtheria, pneumonía and inflammation of the bowels increased. and typh'i-iiialarial fever, pleuritis and cholera morbui de:Teased in area of preval 'nee. Diphtheria was reportec1 at thirty-one places, scarlet fever at thirty-nve, typhoid ferer at fifteen and measles at twonty-seven place-. Michigan Axiúuítural College. The tatc board of agTiculture met at the agrieultunil ooilege in Lansinfi and made the following appointments for the lnstitution: Professor of mathematloa ;md engineering, Prof. Cliarles E. Wing, of Corncll university; ass'stiiut professor ol maUiematlos, Wurrcn Bsboook, Jr, of MUan, Ulch.; librarían, Mrs. Linda T. Lanil-jn. of N: Instructor in botaiiy '.i il ii nna, Mlch. ; instructor in coology, Chirles F. Uarker, of St. CrolxFalls, wís. Losaeg l.v Foreél l'ires. Forest iires were doingffreat damage in 15ay (!■ Nor t .-. nship, Delta count.y, a niiin i ., ■.'.! ■ lost all they liad exeept thejr homes. The crops in i and all the oedar pine lii .■ liardwood had been ix farmfaoose barna with contents w i '.1. Blttjee ' inl. A fire tl : l! üros'. lamber yard ut Ji destroyed 16,OÜO,o:)U fee.t : planingmill, i mr dwellii The loss. ws ibout $250,000; Tlie Bre was supposed to I 'om the refuse bomer. ' hun liwi ■ ' ik, W. .1. II it1 . -i. : E ■ i i')% lost his rifihi .- . The Djvlin ead'.tí oí Jackson seenred Ui $ijJ (op maidea infantry In the eoiap tive drill at Indi anapol is. Mra llrnrv Liobing, oí Detroit, a bride oí three days, iva , deserted in Chicago. Her h took with him 8185, her sa The wcekly report of the weathcr bureau shows a good condition of the crops for the flrst oí July. The Teinpest Hose Company ol Reed City won th" 150-yard bose (ioinpany tace at Big K:ipids n éJT l-." seconds. J. W. Coehra i. a pro ainenl Traverse Cityresident, die l al t'i ■ ■ ■nrs. amall si ., n ir [ra Chaffee uiüle lying at Sp look ;it Sault Ste. Marie c.iujhl Bre aft oí the boiler room and Lo -.'O.OOO. T. C. Urooks, oí Jackson, has been awardrd the o latra 't l ir the water pipin for the ' w j . . fair ia Chicagb. The contract is worüi about 8860,000 Detective C. J. iohason, of Lhe pólice, forcé in Ora i I Rap d Im , been diseharged because of condnet unbecoming an offleer. The Western piaster works at Alabaster. fo ■ i o mnty, were partially burned. The loas wa 3 I3W nsured for S3(i,000. Ferdinand Hanaw, who administered aseTerehoMewiiipp i in the Street of Jacksoii to J. M. St.ilwell, a representative of the Parrott Varnlsh Company of Chicago, vas Bned 139.50 for his sport. The new elty hall -,ite in üay City is flve blocka ir t ie business center. The Tnscola county training school opencd at Caro with 100 teachers present. George E. Perry, ex-city treasurer of Grand Rapid-i, i-, s!iiwn to havo been short in hi accounts The Bhortag ba b ■ in m'ad ■ fooi. Oordon U i of H'. G. Boggs, a lamber inspeel who had been missing, wa íound dead in a slip at the doekOrnsley Roberts, :■ N'orth l.ansing farm. ■ ipanions were boatia on th ■ Grand river when tlü ! ied and Roberts dro □ The Port Mm-on custom touse has colleoU'd dm y to the amouni of SI S0,- 615.32 for%be year en I JunetóO, 1S91, an increase of t . i . the previous year. At a sp 'ion held in Muskegon county the proposition to bond the county for a $100. Qpo ourthouse waacarried by an almost unanimous Tote. Two steaai shovels are working nigbt and day iiieiiing the approaca to the Port iluron tunnel. It will probably be two months bcforoua track Le laid to the mouth of the tunnel agsin. Xo less than eleven tracks will be laid to the open: ;t s nn;s;.


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