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'I'. A. A. A N. 11. Bj'. Excursión Bnllelin. 1. During Síigiuaw races, July 14th to 17th, ve sell tickets at one fare for the round trip. Good to return un to Julv L8th. i!. For the Annual Camp Meetin-g and Chautauqua Assembly of the Miei). Camp Ground Aasociation at Bay View, July 13th to 22d, we will sell round trip tickets at rate of one single first-class faro. Tickets sold from Kïth to 22d inc, limited to return Aug. 15th, '91. (jood only going on day of sale, and continous passage both ways. ". For the National Ed. Ass'n Conyention at Toronto, Ont., rate of one rirst-class fare for round trip, wlth two dollars added for membership will be made July Sth to 15th, inc. Good to return only from Ju!y 14th to 20thinc. and for continuous passage. An extensión of time wili be granted on tickets to return up tp Sept. 30, '91. 4. G. A. R. National Encampment at Detroit Aug. 3d to 8th, rate of one lirst-class fare for round trip. Good to return up to Aupr. lOth. 6. Michigan State Holiness Camp Meeting at Eaton Kapids, July 23d to Aug. 2d, rate of one and onethird fare for round trip, good to return Aug. 3d. 6. Emancipation Day celebration, Aug. lst, good to return Aug. 2d, tickets will be sold at one first-class fare for round trip. "K S. Gkeexwood, Agt. Flwn ' .-.■■■..' istona vt, ri -..--■. ried f oi u ■■ . lung to Castorla. - l '.'.storia.


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