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business cards. "TtTENTION! -0 YOII WANT anything in the line of P civWAs, oh i ;r.s, FIOS, rtIIi:sornll kinds, ICE CHEVIÍ ICE CHE AH RODA. jreIy(]iing at Wholesale and Retail. L. & IE1. ICO3P51, 10 E. lliiron.vl. "Üréat Closing-out Sale ! o.ts Trimmer aceording to Paris, New York and .In all simpes and Sizes, both lanïe and small. ,,IEI.,Flowers,RibbO]is,Veiling, gilt and siher tJnrt'hiiiB wlu be soI(1 at the verJ' 'owest Price i n. Mease cali and examine our large kof eoods before purcliaseing elsewhere. " Respectfully, Mr. A. OTTO, 19 Fourlh-ave. "arthur j. kitson, Contractor & Builder. gümatcs furnished on all kinds of Architecture. gpnÜüiCE amd Shop, 21 rviaea-ave. nvTpTVÖGEL, - jxeaiee m - ffiESH, SALT ! SMOKED MEATS. AND GAME IJf SEASOX. ;; E. HüBON-ST. ■ . - ASM AKBOR. Mir.LINERY STORE. Fancy -:-Millinery. INALLTHE LATEST STYLES. Ererjbody invited to Examine Stock. MRS. J. L. JOHNSON, No. 2S ïi. Main-St. "WHEN IN YPSILANTI STOP AT THE Occidental -Hotel. Mineral and Fresh Water Baths. B-SPECIAL MATES TO STVDENTH.-. Five o'clock Dinners Sundays. H. E. SHUTTS, PropV. p R. WILLIAMS, 'Attorney at lair, Hilan, Mich. Money loaned for outside parties. All leal tttoess givcn prompt attention. iLEX. W. HAMILTON, At lomo v at luw. Wlll practice in both State and United State: DottB. Office Rooms, one and two, lst Hoor oí lenew brick block, corner of Huron and Fonrth tteets, Ann Arbor, Michiean. mUCK AND STORAGE. Sow we are ready with a New Brick Storchouse irthestorage of Households, Pianos, Books and loves. Pianos and Furniture carefully moTerl. Ukindsof Heavy and Light draying. FKEi&HT IOEK. esidence and Office, 46 N. Fourth Street. Teleptaone 83. WM. W. NICHOLS, DENTAL PARLORS over Savings Bank oppoaite Court House Square. I Teeth extractad without pain by use Gas or Vitalized Air. WM. BIGGS. lontractor and Builder, ml all kliuls of nork In connectlon wlth tbc aliore promptly executect. mr Shop Cor. of Church-st and S. University ave. Telephone 9 : P. O. Box 1248. pALi "Paper? OP ALL IThe -:- Latest -: - Designs - I PRXOES THE LOWEST. ISCAR O. SORG, The Decorator. BIIS. - . . 1N VItliOlt. Í2E. HURON STREET Is a good place toget repairs done by riklllful medíanles such as lïïstag, Furniture, Qasoline Stores BICYCLES, SAWS FILED, etc. Also a full line of POUSE FÜRNISHING GOODS New and Second Hand. I is the place to get a good bargain. J. S. MANN, ■_ Proprietor. iDïHTftwvti # 0ttwm a ■■#? m 1ÑTO3. 6 JJSTJD e aahlngton Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan. """layson hand a complete Stock of eveij mm line! leas, Coffees and Sugars Bfi". Ar'icles bought for Cash and can sell ■Ui i, "uree. Our frequent large invoices of " uure aign that we give bargains in QUALITY AND PRIOE. I Ir Vtth SY' nr own coflees every week. always ■l of si?01' Ouli bakery turas out theyery ■xee, teá' Cakes and Crackers. OM and


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