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Tho Lurcol. 1 BDÍ F1l hi the World. NEW YOK."1i!NOOHÍJíRbV AND ' GLASGOW ClECASSI. ' . SESS1A '■ Ethioi'Ia '- 80 ClBCASna ■' 18 A' POltl i. Ant. 'i Fl BIC I I '■ 15 UW VORK, GIBRALTAR AND NAPLES. E'ALBQH, SECaSD-CLASS ARO SÏEZ3AGE SCOTCH, EHGLfSW. IS!SH AND AU CDkTIREflTU POINTS. Excursión Ti to return by either the Pi uid, or DBAFTSANDMONEY ORDERS FQRAÏtYAmOUIT íit !■ Apply tO -nv of rT to hendergoe, Brothers, Chicago, iip. JAME R, JM II.' Ai;itl. The Best in the World. The "DAVIS' OVER HALF A MILLION IN ÜSE FOR TERM8, ETC., ADDRES8, DAVIS SEWING MACHINE CO. DAYTON, O. CHICAGO, ILL. Capacity, 400 Machines per Day. NEW SBOFS OF THE DAVIS SEWINS MACHINE CO. AT DAYTON. OHIO. 10,000 AGENTS WNTED GTnTfECUMSlSHERMAN , V . I 1 IT. HU! .MUISMIV r -ƒ Thi vsiTk ia n - tv.M writtca l HL '-"' ' '1 i ïi'inof "MarctiH me tbr..:rli orgift" - his ro♦f mnt ïi'Uth BriUisnl Onreer ■, i J'iiriotic Mar-hood- Be: ntifnl Oíd Age- oí UimIMbo i;iilil iiliüitrülPi!, OBd i] heva n I IHHIIIOI!-. ■ o.,; ,nle. ISmo SüOpp lowiiricc. ;. ..-'IK, -..,!, iforAgents 3ehLDR. Send :í.('. f.Tduttitorbestterma jflHHk to lUKHAKi) IIKOS.. Pubs., (1P "ii-iS11 st I.outs, Mo. ' LOOSE'S EXTRACT RED CLOVER BLOSSOM ' C4NCEB' Female Weakness Sores, Ulcers, Tiiiiim, Absccsses, Blood Vciisoning, Salt Klitimi Catarrh, Erysipelas, Rheumatism aml ali lllood aud Skin Disesises. Price Si. per Pinr Bottla. or 6 Bottles for S5. 1 Ib can Soiid Extra: 82.50. J. M. LOOSERED, CLOVER CO Detroit. Mich. Soid bv aiidmggists. Ask my acfiiis rr W. . ItonelN Shots. If not lr h;iI' in 'n r place twlt yiilir Uiloi' to nii! I'or catuli)ir. secure lle asenr). and grcl tliem for y on. v WTAKE NO l HSTITUTE. 1 WHY IS THE W. L. DOUCLAS $3 SHOE GENOMEN THE BEST SHOE IN THE WORLD FOR THE MONEY ? It is a seauuess shoe, with no tacksor wax thrtal to hurt the feet; made of the best line calf, stylish aud easy, and becaiise wc make more shoes of this ijrutle than any otln-r lutnuijarfurer, it equals band1 gewed ahoes coatlng fnm S4.UO to $5.00. (te OO ;-uiiiiic Mand-mwcil, tho flnest calf S9m shoe ewr oflVred for $5.iX); equals Krench imported shoea whlchcost f rom $j.iN) to 912.U0. CLA. OO H and-He wed Welt Shc, line calf, P"Tb stylish, comfortable and durable. The beal shoe ever offered at this price ; same grade as custoin-made ihoet costlng from $f.ix) to $9.00. CO 50 Pólice SIhm-: Farmers, UaUroad Men iPOi and Letter Carriers all wearthem; duecalf, uamleas, amooth instde, heavy three solefl, extenMuii BdSO. One pair will wcar i ycar. CO 50 lino calf) n.. hi'tti'r hoe ever offered at Pfiii thls price ; one trial will convince those who want a shoe for comfort and service. CO -■" "nd $'.00 Workiuirmnirs Bboei Jlfii are very stmun and liiirahle. Those who have giren them a trial will wcar noothermake. PaVC' S'-i.OO and Hl,7, school shoes ar.' DUT9 worn bythe boyseverywhere; theyseU on theTr merits, as tbe Increastog sales show. I QHoe $3.00 HandHMwed shoe, best ImCIU IvD DouKola, very stylish; equalsFrench iinported shoes COSting trom 4.ÜU to $6.00. Ladies' a.30, S'J.ÜO nnd 1.75 shoe for Misses are the best line Dougola. Stylish aud durable. Caulion.- See that W. I,. Douglaa' name and price are stampei! on the bottum of e ach shoe. W. L. DOUULAS, Brockton, Mass. EC WM, REINHARDT & CO. 42 S. Main St.


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