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Deeds Of Maniacs

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A FAMILY ]ESTi:o Flora, 111., July ai. - Early Monday morning a dairyman discovered the farmhouse oi II. I', .lames, 'i railes east of this city, to be buruing. Neigabors who responded to the alarm found the bodies of James and his f amily in the blazing ruin?,. There were tive ínmates of the house, Mr, Jamas, h;s wife and son, and a marriecl datlffhter, Mrs. Chaney, and her babe. Thciioilieswere recovered. The orig-in of the ore and the cause ol the death of the inmates are yet a myjtery. The coroner's jury is in session. It is ffenerally believed that James in a fit of insanity murdered his family, fired the house and then cqmmitted suicide. For Borne time past it lias been whispered among the qeighbors that Mr. James was losinff his mind, but nothing serious was tiumght of it. A postmortem examination was held over one of the bodies, and it was íound that a pistol ball had pierced the lunffs. A large revolver and a knife wcre found near one of the bodies, and it is believed tiuit some time during the night Jlr. James had got on one of his tantrums and murdered I family, set fira to the dwelling and then shot himself. UOTHKB'a A.WFÜL aci'. Nashyii.i.i:, Tenn., July 21. - Snnday Mrs. Leehridge, of Spring Bill, Maury county. after writing a long letter to herhusband. who vasattendingchurch, secured a doublbarreled shotgun, and plaeing the muzzle at the breast of each of her three ehildren ' in turn. pulled the trigger, horribly mutilating them. Then tnrning the weapon upon herself she ended her awful work. The ehildren, were agedi years. S yeara and 4 months respectively. The mother had been a melan choliac for several years and attempted to take her life befpre she was married.


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