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A Watermelon Tragedy

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"Steamboat" Thompson Sunday afternoon discovered a pretty sight near the juuotion of the Michigan Central and Ann Arbor roads. Some dozen boys were sitting on a railroad embankment and feasting on watermelons which had been stolen from aMichigan Central car_ ACT II. He immediately reported to Marshal Murray, who arrested as niany of the boys as lie could √ľnd. Jo Clinton and Frank Raymond, two youngsters from Detroit, are suspeeted of having broken into the car. Neither of these has yet been arrested. The others appeared on Tuesday before Justice Pond and D. B. Greene, of Ypsilanti. Henry Rahr, eighteen years old, was fined $10.15, inflluding costs. Homer M. Baker, of Toledo; John Norman, Willie Duffy and Frank Kuhn, of Detroit, and Christ. Haist, Ed. Wosser, Frank Healey and Louis Schiappacasse, of this city, were sent to jail until their parents could pav aosts. AU the Ann Arbor boys were released except Wosser. The others will be sent to Lansing unless called for by relatives. The boys are all about thirteen years of age. Young Baker, of Toledo, tells a pathetic story. His mother is dead, and only a few weeks ago his father was sent to the Ohio state prison for counterfeiting. He is a very bright boy and would do well if placed in proper care. Word has been sent to hisgrandmother in Marylaad. He, as well as the Detroit s. when caught, were on the way to te militia encampment. ACT III. During the temporary absence of the lurnkey, yesterday afternoon, the five young vagrants, Wosser, Norman, Duffy, Baker and Kuhn escuped from jail. Thii is the way t hoy did it: Between the iron partition uf t!ie cage and the arched ceiling is a space Iets than eight incbes deep at the vt idest. Through thte young Norman irawled and, running around, he unlocked the cage door. The boys then ran out and, as the outside door was open, made good their escape. ACT IV. Deputy Sheriffs McCabe and Schall started after the boys along the Michigan Central track. At Geddes three ol them jumped on a freight train and eluded the officers. Willio Duffy was captured, but Norman, Kuhn and Baker succeeded in reacliing West Detroit, where they were arresteii by Sheriff Dwyer. Wcsser was found on north University-ave. ACT V. The reform school.


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