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Fruth Medical And Surgical Institute

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No Money Required of Responsible Parties to Commence Trealment. ID IR,. PRUTH, Konuerly of New York, now tlie celébrate 1 Exaramtng l'hygiclan of the Feutu Medical and Surgícal I.nstitute, Chicago, lli., liy request of raanj Rnd Patients, has deelded to vlslt ANN ARBOR, Thursday, July 30, 1891. Consultatten and Examination Frec and Strictly Confldeotial, in the Private Parlors of the CO0K HOUáK-one day only. IDK,. A.. O. FRUTH, Kxaiüiinns Physician of the Permanenlly Established and Incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois with a capital stock of $100,000, for the scientific and euccessful treatment of all fortns of Chronicand Sexual Diaeases, Catarrh, Asüima, Stomach, Kidtiey, Bladder, Nervous and Special Diseases 'f Men and Woinen! Ably assisted by a full staff of eminent physicians and surgeons for every denartment of medicine and aurgery. Female Discases positively cured by a never Marriage - Mairied pereons or young men faillng method. A home treatment entirely harmcomemplatiDg marriage, aware of physical weakless and easlly applled. Consultatiou nee and ness, lossof proerea.lvepowers, impoteney.oi any strieüy confldential. other disqualification, speedily restored. Dr. Fruth, after yiars of cxperience, has perEpilepsy or Fits posi.ively cured by our new fected the moet lntaliiblc metnod of eurirg ital aud never failiug Hospitu' treatment. drain in Urine. Nocturnal losses, Iinpaired Mem.... . _, . , _, „ . ... _. ory, Weak Back, Mflancholy, Want of Knergy, Hidney and Bladder Distases Bright s Disease, Premature decliné of the Manly Puwere- thoèe Diabetes and kiudred malacies. treated and cures terrible disorders ariping from ruinous prácticos of eflfccted in thuusands of casei thai had been proyouth, blighting the most radiaut hopes, rendering nounced beyond hope. marriage unhappy. Private Diseases-Blood Poisor, Syphillis. Gon ou may bc in the flrst stage, remember you are orrhoea, Gleet, Stricture, Hyc'rocele. Varico, approaching the last. If you are bordering upon Cele, Loss of Sexual Power, and al', dlseases of the the last and are 6uffering all its eflccU, remember genito urinary organs speedily and permanently that if you obstmately persist in proerastination, eured. No rik8 iucurred. Consultition free and the time must come when physicians can render 6trictly confidmtial. Medicine sent free from obyojinoassistance, when the door of hope will be servatton to all parts of the United Swtes. ,. _ ' ,, . . _ Catarrh Cured.- Catarrhal afiections fcf the nose "ouug men who, throueh imioreuce or the throat, lunes and stomach. bronchlt-s. asthma. careless exuberanoe of youthful mirlts. havo been consumDtion and dyapepslv nccessful'.y trwitea J'?í,pTraiíe "Vh , themrelve In darger of losby th„ most recent d Vcentiflc metho.1i whlcl ing their health and embitterlng their after livee vk hnsnlti pxnpripnm has nrnvert worthi may. before idio,y, insanity Sfilng - H or total Sf „SSST 'ffre bette? proot Zflul Impotency results, cali with full confidence. cess tnan „ testimoniáis, on file at the instituto Piles Cured without pain, knife or cautery, ofthousandsofhelplesscasesthatwehaverostored No detention from business. to health and happiness. Free Examination of the Urine.- Each person applyine for medical treatment should Bend or bring an ounce of their urine, which will receive a careful Chemical and microscopical examination. WflWnPUPHt rHCr? Pcrfectcdinold cases which have been neglected or unakillfullj treated. II! UMUtAi iu UUAWM No experiments or failures. Parties treated by mail and express, but wlere possible, personal cousultation is preferred. Curable cases guaranteed. " Cases and correepondence confldential. Treatment sent C. O. D., to any part of U. S. List of ISO questions free. DR. KRUTH, Chicago, llls State address. for convenience of hls Michigan Datienls, is Laiwmq, Mich. 1


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