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Br. FruĂ­ h This eminent specialist has, withm the last two years, succeeded in building up a large practice and an enviable reputation in this community. His great and well-earned reputation has constantly enlarged by reason of his successful treatment of many patients here, the majority of whom are loud in their praises for a complete restoration to health from the chronic diseases which in many cases were intensified by the malpractice of ignorant quacks. Dr. Fruth is an educated physician, devoted to his profession, and is fully conscious of the great responsibilities invplved in the practice of medicine. The doctor's succes-s is easily accounted for - lst, Natural fitness - the tact, the delicacy of feeling and the power of diagnosis, are natural gifts, essential to the highest success in the practice of medicine. 2nd, Experience, which alone is worth but little, but in connection with studv and proper degree of knowledge, it is es3ential to success. Dr. Fruth's experience of yeters in the general practice and his special study and practice in the hospitals and dispensaries of New York city places him in a position to ofl'er his services to the suffermg and to promise them whatevbr relief is possible. The date of Dr. Fruth's next visit to Ann Arbor, Tbursday, July 30th, at the Cook House from 9 a. m. to 10 p. M.


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