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NOTES AND (ii'lllivis Count Taafe,the Austrian prime minister, is almost as taciturn a man as Grant was. Young Prince George of Wales is said to be covered with tattooings of mermaids and dolphins. Patti deinands a liigher price than ever for her next winter's campaign in the United States. She wants $5,000 a night. Empress Eugenie has taken up the children of the late Prince Napoleon as a part solace for the great grief and lonIine8s which fill her life. President Carnot expenda from $7,000 to $8,000 each time he gives a grand fete, such as society expects him to furnish three or four times during the fashionable Paris season. A little innocent misunderstand'n8 is sometimes very useful in helping one over a hard place. "Mabel," said the teacher, "ycu may speü kitten." "Kdouble-i-t-e-n. "Kitten has two i's then, has it " "Yes ma'am, our kitten has."' i he Barón" 4'ustoin. Inquiring Lady- "Do you always drink beer when you are thirsty?" Baron Suickensuts- "No ma'am, I alvays drinks vater ven I amthirsdy.shustthe same as you do." "Then when do you drink beer?" "The rest of the dime?, Too Careless wlth the Engllgh I.nngnaffc A clothing dealer, in Boston, advertised all-wool pantaloons for $2, advising the public to make hasteand secure the great bargain, say ing: "They will not last long." Probably they would not. Neither will your health last long ifyoudon't take care of it. Keep Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets in your house, They are indispensable to every family as they positively cure bilionsness, with its endless train of distressing ailments - sick headache, irritability, constipation, dizziness and irrdigestioD; a marvelous speciflc for liver and kidney troubles, and a pure vegetable compound. They are sugar-coated.thesmallest pills made, and the best, because they do all they promise. All druggists sell them, and the proprietors guarantee them, and refund the price if they fail. llailul the Snap. A legal firm in Albany Ga., was called upon by three different men to get divorces from their wives. None of them had any monev, however, but one of them got the lawyers interested in bis case after giving them a mortgage on his mule. The other two were turned away disconsolate. The Onc-lloss Shay. The peculiar feature of the "one-hoss shay" was that it was built in such a wonderful way that it had no "weakest parts." The "weakest part" of a woman is invariably her back, and "female weaknesses" are only too common. AVith the use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, this may be avoided, aud women may be comparatively as strong as their brothers. Prolapeus, inflammation, ulceration, periodical pains, leucorrhea, dragging-down sensations, debility, nervousness, sleeplessness, despondency, are only a few of the symptoms of weakness of the female organs which the "Favorite PreBcription" is warranted to remove.


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