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The Soap that Cleans Most is Lenox. ROOT SITUATIOÑS ü FOR MEN. W Good PjiiiK PERMANENT I-OM TIOST8 to a few good men. Exclusive territory Bat little knowledge required to begin. Honesty and push win make Big Mouey. HOOPES, KRO. A THOMAS, 70 Nurserymen, West Chester, Pa ■fe ■ ■ mê 4fc " AXA K F.SIS " pi ves instant llrrlii'f and is au infallibW 1_ % Cure for Piles. Pricc$l. By ■ ■ " LDminristsormttil. Samples F ■Jfrre. Addrres'-ANAKKSÍS,' ■ m ■■ Vfiox a4W, New York City LOOK fflf 1% Ow! and I brand. GiULETT'S MAG IC YEAST Itwill make SETTER BREAD than you ever made before. POOR B HEAO generally means POOR YEAST POOR YEAST altvays means POOR BREAD tbe Ow! and Möon. At your Gi■ B El I f& ] THE GREAT Germán Remedy.} ITRUTHSFORTHESICKÍ Fnr thosr .l.-:ilhly Sl.ÓüÓvñTííoáídl BlllonsSpelladepend (oracaaewhereStrL-l inSOLPITORBlTTEKS PIHK BlTTEUS ivilll ityillcnrcymt. nut assist or cure. It] q Dnv,,., K,;.v,r-m, '"-vcr n Ithattiredandallgono cieanee the TitiatedI fcelinp;; 1Í bo. uso i)]ooi1 whcn you sct,l I MJLPHLTt BiTTEES ; t3 impuritles burst-l I ïll cure you. -,„._, through the Bkinl II OpiTiitiveswlioare '" Plmple8,BtotpheB,l ploiplv ronniicii In ■'"'' Sores. Iïely ouU I shops; clerlis.MlHXlo ;l"1 alüí wiU íol-SS! not procure sulllcient ïi____ I fxcrcisc, nminllwho ,■,„,,,., iütti.-ioI Ilf vou'ill)"i!'.""'vi"li SPí-p.?PRBrrrEBSH tosuirerfrom l1,1 btdW you up andl atism, use s bottle of 'lllikc' ou stroDgandl I SDLPnuu IJiTTF.ns ; licalthy. I ■ itnnvrrfailstopurp. SüLPHDE BirrEBsl I I Pon't be without a wiI1 wn]' yoirblood!S Stioftlc. Try it ; you iure, rii')ianl8trong,U ( w i 1 1 not rpyrpt it. ;md ymir llesh hard. II I Ladles In deïïcate Tiy st Lpïïmïï7 I lltipalth, who are al! itih to-night, andl II HErun down, sboolduse you will sleep welllll ,TSni.Pll[:i{ l'.ITTl.i;s. iillil fl'i'l Im'IIit III Do you want the best Medici 1 Work publlshed? Send 3 2-ccnt Mampn to . i' ' mhay & Co„ Boston, Mass.. aini i . urity VOUR Blood WITH Hibbard's Herb Extract A WON DER FUL CURE. ■Sp?. This is a true likeajJMÊfëSB&L ness of me wearing ■WSh artificial nose and nTPiT no:i' ailf' upper ''P' rW H'01'!' Extract. This '■ai' preparation of roots tad herbs that cured me over 47 Kars aan. slnco wlifn I have oured 'hoHsands with its use. It requires a Powerful vegetable remedy to effect sMh a curo as my own, and my argument has always been that the remep that cured me woukl cure all )rms of Scrofula or othor Blood and kin Diseases. lts gncceas has been Phonomenal. Send for list of testimoniáis and printed history of my case. or cail on me any day, or write tad describe your case. Advice free. MrS, .1. HlBBABD. Avoid imitations. Be sure abovo trademrk is on wrappor. 61.00 at all Druggists. H'BBARD HERB EXTRACT CO., XOl Canal St , Chicago, I1L


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