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HAMILTON'S INSURANCE, Real Estáte Loan Agency. No. 2, Hamilton Block, FIRST FLOOR. Partios desiringto buyorsell Real Estáte wíl find lt to thcir advantage to cali on me. I reí rescnt ten First-Class Fire Insurance Cos. Rates Low. Loases Promptly Adjusted and Promptly Paid. I alBO Issue LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES in the Connectlcut Mutual Life Insurance Co. tS" Ond Hundred Lots in Bamilton Park AddiUoQ for sale. Office Hocrs- 8 a. m. to 12 M., and 2 to 5 p. m. A. W. HAJIIUOX. If You Have CONSUMPTION, BRONCHITIS, SCROFULA, COUCH or COLD, THROAT AFFECTION, WASTINCof FLESH, Or atiif PhWM irhryr tlir TUront and l.uwjs am inflamedf ƒ,■. of Strenffth tn BTflrvv i 'o?. vi-, yon can hr rrtfavcd :ui f'urcd by SGOTT'S EMULSIÓN PURE COD UVEROSVith Hypophospli; PalATADLE AS MlLK. Aak for Srott'.s Wmuirtot, ■ e.rj)!:mttnn OT toUcitOtion induce ■ accrj.t it aubttUute, $old by all Drntjfjists. SCOTT S M1U, Chemists, H. Ï. EVBETTON'S. KA3. a positive SrjrA&k. CURE FOR ggkPILES. 40 vEARs'iyrm' 107% Hlghcsi TESTIMONIALS. %T 5 &t Dniarfff ríh or Malled on SjBy. litcdpt of Tiícc. HPmI WINKELMANN&BaOWN Kfl Drug CO Frops. Baltimoro. Kd. H MmWbV a B ■■■■■■ '!lll 'r'1't Oi-rman ■ II Wm Al I ni 9 UáuchoCurowill forros of hendadle1. Torplo who hao puífcretl, eaj itisaGod'a blessina BrtO to inaukiml. Flau ant to uso. No bM ■ W% , certaia and quick. For salo by dni22st, dr by mail 23 r: t-. ÜifHÈADACHE DENSIONS.". i Lost Discharges Quickly Duplicated. 18 Years EXAMINER U. S. Pension Bureau.' D. I. MURPHY, " P.O. Box 534. Washington, D. C. THEA ft$j ijiíDrii FROM HUfflEjgd. Has Pafpr-i Refurn FIlj Boller; HfrouoJil Iron and S'oel Wheels, with the Ssrings be. 'vyeen he buringi of the Hub; 14.noh Steel Tire; Cusht jned Gear and all Latesl Improvapents. 8. and 16 H. P. Ask lor CalaJogue, (toe. , IM 'Threshers ol all sizes. TFS HUBER M'F'G CO., Mioii, Ohiü. 9-10ths o 1 tke Separatlon at Oylinder. No flylng graii. Se t Beverse Btjater incuts. Onlyonebelt R. 8HETTLER, General Agent, Grand R&pids, Mich. ROBERT HUNTEN, 43m6 Agent, Ann Arbor, Mlch, N. W. AVER 8ON. our uutliorkcdiuíeat - 9 MEDAL, PAS1? 1. 6 W. Baker & fe wBreakfast .fjm Coco I Hn from which Iho cici M oil has been romo-, i íljjl ílAbsolutely Pin"BUiiyifirrTTl-f tí is Soluble. No Chemicals are used in its preparation. It ha more than three times the strength í Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroo; or Sugar, and is therefore far more cconomical, coslhigJcss than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nouríshing, strengthcninir. i.a-ii.v digesteti, and adrairably adaptod for invalida n.-í wcll as íur persons in henlth. Sold by Crocers cverywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass.


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