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Charles J. Duffin has an original pension. Spencer D. Lennon will soon move to 10J north State-st. Lawrence Kahoe was taken to the Pontiac asylum, Saturday. L. Rhode has purchased the busineBS oí the late George Collins. Miss Katie Diehl has been appointed teacher of the Mooreville school. E. B. Hall will erect a fine residence on Hill-st adjoining his present place. Wheat dropped eight cents last week The market today is stronger. Dr. W. W. Nichols shipped the first peaches of the season, yesterday. D. 8. Donahue, law '92, has taken a position in the office of J. F. Lawrence. The examination of W. J. Clark began Tuesday. It will be continued on the 31st. Ann Arbor expended, during the year en.ling July 1, $1,556.44 in relief of the poor. The union evening service will be held next Sunday at the Methodist church. Mre. Alice Beckwith, of Bay City, has rented the residence at 27 east University-ave. A smoking f urn ace in Shetterle's bar ber shop called out the fire department thia morning. Geo. F. Key, of Ypsilanti, will on August lst move into the residence at 48 east Ann-st. Wm. Biggs has the contract for buildthe addition to the president's house. Price, $7,156.94. A branch of the Postal Union Telegraph Company has been established at 22 south State-st. Rev. W. S. Studley, D. D., of EvanBton, will preach at the Methodist church next Sunday morning. William Muehlig lost three fingers, Friday. They were cut off by a machine at the organ factory. Edward Smith, of Pittsfield, has etruck a flowing well on his farm. It is only twenty-two feet deep. Mr. and Mrs. Cari Sutherland, of Pittsfield, mourn the loss of their infant child. lts death occurred Tuesday. Workmen commenced . this week to tear out the partitions on the fourth floor of the eouth wing of University Hall. Dr. A. D. Salisbury, of Midland, has purchased a lot on Forest-ave, whereon he will build a new house in the near future. ___ Rev. S. B. Thomson, L.L. D., of the fifth ward, is one of the speakers at the emancipation celebration in Dowagiac, July 31. _ Mrs. Catherine McNaughton, of Ontario, has leased the house at No. 31 Jefferson-Bt and will take possession in thefall. Dr. Geo. Doek, recently elected professor in the medical department, has rented the house formerly occupied by Prof. Christopher. Moses Lajoie, proprietor of the Chubb-st fruit farm, gathered fifty-four bushels of raspberries on Monday. He employed seventy pickers. At the national photographers' convention, held at Buffalo, H. Eandall, of this city, won the prize for the best exhibit of genre photographs. Merritt Tice and Charles WilliamB, two boys, did not wear their clothes when they went in swimming. Justice Pond flned tnem $2.70 each. Two new houses will shortly be erected in the fifth ward; one by George Koney, on Broadway, and the other by Robert Winslow, on Wall-st. The directora of the Washtenaw Mutual Fire Insurance company meet tomorrow to adjust 1 oases. There are ten of these, amounting to about $2,500. John Stevens, of Salem.was guilty of assault and battery upon Mrs. Verónica Traub. Justice Pond soon found it out and on Friday fined him $10 and coste. News was received in this city, last week, of the death of Mattie Ireton, thebeloved wife of James H. McDonald, of Detroit. She left a young daughter. The Btreet forcé have been laying a much needed stone cross walk at the corner of Williain and Main-sts. A eidewalk will Boon be laid thence to the depot. It is probable that no veterans will be quartered in Ann Arbor during the coming Grand Army encampment, as Detroit expects to be able to take care of them all. Frank Schairer's barn in Scio burned to the ground, Sunday morning, together with one horse, nineteen loads of hay and considerable wool. The insurance was light. A. L. Colton, of the Kt. Paul high school, formerly assistant to Prof. Harrington at the Observatory, has just received the appointment as confldential Clerk to Prof. Harrington, who is now I chief of tbe weather bureau, Waehing' ton, D. C. Chief Sipley Baya that the poor relief expenseB are lighter than they have been for several years. Emil Golz ejected a negro named Jim Brown from his Baloon, Monday afternoon. Brown resented the indignity, and an interesting, but notbloody, fight was the result. The wool market is lively. Yesterday Mack & Schmid purchased between 4,500 and 5,000 pounds. Fine wools bring from 22 to 24 cents and Shropshires from 28 to 30. Fire broke out, Tuesday evening, in the frame building on north Fouithave, belonging to the Green estáte. It started from a defective chimney. Damage about $300. Margaret Jones died Friday evening at the residence of her son, Dr. S. A. Jones. She was bom in Wales eightysix years ago. Her funeral took place at the house Sunday evening. W. H.Lahr and Jacob F.Miller, Manchester saloon keepers, came before Justice Pond. yesterday, charged with selling whiskey on a beer license. Examination postponed till August 12. Mre. Amelia Gwinner has received from the New England Life Insurance Company, through the agency of W. W. Whedon, $1,000 insurance on the life of her late husband, Albrecht Gwinner. Prof. de Pont, the registrar of the University, requests all persons who will have work for etudents to report to him. He has daily applications from young men who wish to work their way through college. President Angelí is now attending the international Congregational council in London. On Tuesday he propoeed a vote of tbanks on behalf of the United States delegates for the hospitality shown them. The Ann Arbor Guitar and Banjo club have adopted constitution and byeiaws. W. P. Stevens, of the electric light works, was recently admitted as a member. Mei Gillespie' is preparing quartette and duet music for their use. During the union service at the Presbyterian church, last Sunday evening, a vote was taken upon the question of sancüoning the use of wine at the Grand Army encampment, and three fourths of the congregation declared themselves opposed to it. Unknown thieves Monday night broke into H. Richards' office on Detroit-st, and rifled the money drawer of between $2 and $3. In their haste they forgot to take many things of greater value. They made the entrance by breaking a hole through one of the back windows. Gottlob Maulbetch was arrested by Deputy-Sheriff Schall, Friday, charged with the theft of hanging plants which belonged to Mrs. A. B. Prescottand Mrs. J. B. Davis. They were taken from Newberry Hall during the art loan. Maulbetch pleaded guilty and paid $30.35 in fines and costs. The Register Publishing Company this week took out an old style, slowrunning press which they had on hand, and put in its place one of the latest styles of Campbell Job Press. The new press is a light, easy and at the same time a very rapid one. There is no finer press in the state of Michigan. Capt. Manly has made a statement with regard to the Soldiers' Home trouble. He denies the charge of extravagance and says that he had already prepared his resignation before the board asked for it. He says that he early became convinced that Quartermaster Shank was not an honorable man. t According to last week's Washtenaw Post, a colored gentleman, while returning home near Cedar Bend avenue recently, saw five disembodied spirits engaged in the pleasant pastime of bowling with their own skulls. These must be the spirits who, a short time ago, inhabited the court house basement. George W. Bohannon, who recently "did" Ann Arbor, ostensibly in the interest of the Appleton publications, was arrested Monday night in Detroit, charged with cheating the Franklin House out of $15. Other people in the city were also sufferers. The arrest was made by a Detroit detective and Deputy-SheriffSchall.ofthis city. Bohannon settled the matter. Steps were taken Sunday evening looking to an organization of a chapter of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew in thiB city. This society Btarted eight years ago in St. James' church, Chicago. It now has 472 chapters and 7,000 membera and is rapidly erowing among the young men of the Episoopal church. The object is to attract men to the church and the bible. A civil suit by J. S. Mann against James Murphy, the former tenant of his farm, on the Whitmore Lake road, for the recovery of manure taken from the place last spring, will be tried before the justice today. Last Friday night, Mr. Mann charges, Mr. Murphy made way with all the rye that had been harvested on the farm, and this will probably lead to still another suit. Mr. Murphy's lease ran out in April.


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