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OUR 25 CENT COLUMN. Advertisement, such as To Rent, For Sale, and Wants, not excceding three lines, can be Inserted three weeks for 28 ent. WANTEU. 117 Thtee or four lady or gentlemen W canvassere. to sell Domestlc, White and Davls Sewing Machine. No prevlous experlence reouired. Will pay salary or commission. Apply at once. J. F. Schnh. " WAMTËD.-Agood experienced canvasser can find steady employment, right here at home at a good salary, by applying immediately at The Register Offlot. ' TX7ANTI5D- A young nirl to do lighl houseV work in the country. Address P. O. Bx. 1484. N W'XÏÏTÉO- Qirl tor general houseworkSnrall family. A good girl wlll find a desirable and permanent place. Cali 42 Thompion-it, Joel Miner. WAJüT)Ei.- At the Register BÏndery, So. 12 of the U. of M. Daily. A good price will be paid for the issue to cyapletejhe year's flle. M WAÑTÉÍK- The School Of Shorthand desircs to secure the services of some young lady who wishes to take a complete conree in Shorthand and Typewriting and thoroughlyfit herself for office work. Tothe right perfon employment will be given to an amount sufflcient to cover her entire expenses, that is, for board, room rent, tuitlon and books, while she is taking the course. For full particular cali at or address, School of Shorthand, Ann Arbor, Mlch. 20 South State St. Third Floor. TTMTEHSITf BrlfcDINOS. TESÍLJ DEIS Proposals will be recelved by the Board of Regento of the L'niversity of Michigan, up to and including August lst, for the erection and completion of an addition to the Law Building, and an addition to the Engineering Building, both on the Univereity groands at Ann Arbor. Plans and speciflcations can be secn at the office of the Secretary of the Univereity, or at the office of the Architect, E. W. Arnold, 57 Buhl Block, Detroit. Proposals must be senled and endorsed "Proposals for univereity Buildings" and addressed to James H. Wade, secretary of the Board of Regents, Ann Arbor, Mlch. Separate proposals will be rcquired for each building, and the work must be completed by the flrst day of January, 1892. Each tender must be accompanied by an approved bond or certified check of $500 as surety that the parties will enter into a contract should their rroposals be accepted. Blank schedules will be furnished by the Secretary upon appllcation. The Board reserves the right to reject any or all blds FOB SALE. fyoR Aquantity of machine oil. hipped us by mistake by a Wholesale dealer. ThlBwlll be 8old at a bargaln in order to avold the necessity of returnlng it Inquire at the Register Office. FOK SAI.Ê- A larnequantilyof heavy wrapping paper, sultable for puttlngunder carpets, also oldnewspapcrs íor sale cheap at The Regis. ter o fá ce. ___ FK NAI.E. New milch cow and calf Shorthorn breed, for sale cheap. Address Box 1823, Oty 6__ 1.1 A KM FOK NAM'.- The liullock orKverctt ' farm, 3 miles west of Salem Station and 11 miles from Ann Albor, containing 109 acres; house and barns stock and well water, timber; school and church withina mile; land naturally the best and in good condition. Prices and terms reasonable. Cali on or address Andrew E. Gibson, 9 S. InitallB-st., Ann Arbor, Mich. 60tf FÖR HÁI.E- Our nice Pony, " Kltty Clover," with Buggy and Harness. E. B. Hall. 56tf _ 171OR SAI.l: -The Ilorse. Buggy mul Harness 1 formerly owned by Mrs. 8. S. Cowles. 12 room house, No. 53 North-st. Six room house, No. 63 Miller-ave. Iheso two propertles are offered cheap to close an estáte. Apply to Moob ATabeb. 49tf JLTÖR SAÍEHorse, Phaeton and Cutter. Inf quire at 36 Williams st, or at my office, No. 5 N. Main-et. J. Q. A. Sessions. 41tf FOR RENT. Ï7OR REMT.- Good pasture and plenty of ■ water, 2i miles east of Ann Arbor. Address George Green, Ann Arbor. 66 rpo Eleven room house heated by A furnace. East Univereity-ave. Also best part of large house on Spring st. Chas. D. Duncan, 76 Miller-ave. 67 ÖR REMT. - Furnishcd House (new) cor. Hill and East Universiiy, eleven rooms. Apply to A. W. Hamilton, Hamllton Block. 65 To KENT.- A fine house and barns, Beautifully located just outslde the city, and 39 acres of land with it, if desired. Apply to J. 8. Mann, 32 E. Huron-st, Ann Arbor. 82 1 IfORKEMT- A nine room house on West Lib1 erty-8t. 81.50 per week. Inqulre at Eber White place. 65 I?OR REMT- Farm to rent, VA miles from SaV lem, for cash or on sharea. 200 acres plow land, good barns and plenty of them. Water in barn yards and elsewhere ; fences good. Inquire of A. M. Clabk, Ann Arbor, or A, F. Claek, Baline. 48tf ÖST- k face Handkerchief, between UnlTersity and 8. State, or in University Hall. Finder will be liberally rewarded by retuming same to 18 Monroe. 64 f EORUINA F. ORCUTT.- Will give lesVT BOD8 In palnting Tuesday and Thursday morniogs at nlne o'clock, No. 10 North State Street. 64 pHILDKEK Tutored during the summer. VjFot parliculare cali at No. 11 south Division-st. 66_ ■JOTICE- Mrs. Dakln, 16 Volland-st, will glve ÍN instructions on the piano and organ. She has had nlne years experlence In teaching the art. Terun reasouablc. Cali and see her or leave address at Reuistkr office. 68 LOST, STRAYKD OK fTOI,ESr.- From the subacrlber, a sorrel, white-faced, watcheyed mare, Mustang Pony. Any Information concerning the where abou of said pony will be suitably rewarded. Dr. Elias Smith, Whitmore Lake. Mich. 66 LONT. LST.- OnSunday, July 19, 1891, between Ann Arbor and the George Button farm, a lady's small silver watch and cnain. The finder will De liberally rewwded by leaving same at Echalrer L Millen's Store. 67 GREAT REDUCTION IN ÏÏ1TS-FL0WERS Fot the next sixty days. It will be to your advantage lo cali and examine before buying elsewhere. Will offer 100 Hatt at 20c each; all good thapes. Alio great bargains in trimmed Hats. Muil make room for f all and winter goodt. MRS. E. ROEHM,' ' 10 E. WASHINGTON ST.


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