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REAT MARK DOWN CLOSING OUT SALE m OF SPRING AND : : f SUMMER GOODS : : : 1 REGARDLESS OF COST OR VALUE ! A Bold Moove for a Fow Week's Trade; Commencing Saturday Moming, July llth, at 8 oi'clock. Bef ore we ring down our Curtain on this Sale we are determined to have sold Ten Thousand Dollars Worth of Fins Dry Goods. FOUR SPECIAL ITEMS. 50 Pieces Fruit of the Loom Cotton at 8c a Yard. 1 Case Shirting Prints, Best Quality at 3c a Yard. Lonsdale Gambric, Best Quality, 10c a Yard, 1 Case Indigo Blue Prints, Best Quality, 5c a Yard. 200 Pairs Fine Curtains purchased from an importer at 50c on the dollar to close the lot. We bought them at half-price and will give you a benefit. You can buy $2.00 and $3.50 Coin Spot and Fan cv Muslin Curtain8 for 99c a pair. You can buy $3.00 and $3.50 Fancy Muslin Curtains for $1.49 a pair. You can buy Fancy Curtains with Silk Stripe Dado, worth $5.00 and $6XX) for 3.00 a pair. Big Lot Nottingham Lace Curtains at 59c a pair. 15 Pieces Coin Dot Curtain Scrim, 40in. wide at 5c a yard. 35 Pairs Elegant Chenille Curtains at $5.50, $6.00 and $7.00 a pair. __ BéTBvery Morning of this Sale the First Twenty Purchasers of $3.00 or over will receive One Pair Fine Linen Towels. LEADERS OF LQW PRICES AND ALWAYS THE CHEAPEST.


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