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Real Estate Transfers

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The real estáte transfers for the week ending July 25, were as follows : Abigail Post to W. L. Stannard, lot 40 and part of lot 41, Western add, Ypsllanti $1.010 C. 11. Hicks to H. E. Hicks, part of s e l4, n w %, sec. 31, Webster 500 M. 8. Pomeroy to Jnlius E. Becker, lot at corner of Perrin-st and Forest ave, Ypsilantt _ 2,000 J. A. Fowler to Joseph and Ann Paweck, lot in Davls add, Vpsilantl 300 Kate Everett to F. E. Fiaher, part of a w J4, sec. 3 Ypsilantl town 800 A. S. Loomls to F. E. Flsbtr, part of s w '.,. sec. 3. Ypsilanti town „ 2,500 J.A.Polbemus to A. E. Roe, lote 76,77, 78 and 79, Grand View subd, Ann Arbor 125 Wm. Rowe to Ellza A. Rowe, lot on Normalst, Ypsllmtl 1 Joseph Stalb to O. T. Raab, part of n w M, sec. 9, Brldgewater 900 M. L. Henderson to Alex. Ratti, part of lot 3, block 1, s of Huron-st, Anu Arbor... 5,900 J. A. Polhemus to Jeremlah Welsh, lots 67, 82 and 83, Grand View subd, Ann Arbor town 97 Alonzo Case to Iretta Leeson, w M, s e l4, n wJ4, sec. 11, Manchester...... 375 Catherine Donnelly to Wm. and M. Cleaver, Ann Arbor town 1,900 Jno. U . Maynard to Helen L. Reid, Ypsilanti 1 J. Kennedy, by adnir., to Luther James cstate. Northfleld 1,525 E. E. Leiand to T., A. A., & N. M„ R R., Northfleld „ 1 G. and A . Darrow to C. aud B. Schllnker, lots 25,26, 27. 28 and 2'., Brown's second add, Ann Arbor 1 F. H. Belser to Sarah P. Koch, lot 48 Jewett's add, Ann Arbor 500 A. A. Wells, by admr., to ElizabethBaesett, YpsilanU 1 S. and J. Newkirk to B. and M. Pbelps, s )4, i(i, ne'i. sec 7, Scio 2,200 McLaughlin L Corllsa to O. G. Taylor, lot 20, College HUI add, Ann Arbor 225 J. M. McLaughlin to C. G. Taylor, Ann Artor 1 Clara A. Gottetal to W. J. Wenier, lots 4 and A., J. B. Gott's second add, Ann Arbor 400 N, B. and H. M. Henley to Jas. Gilmore, lots 1 and 2, block 3, Delhi village 190 H. W. Rogers to Beta Theta Pi club, Ann Arbor - . 9,750 Jno. Ferdon to H. W. Rogers. lot at corner of Madison and State-sts 7,750 Thos. Seeley to Francia Preston, part of s w '4, sec. 32. Webster 1,600 C. M. Schairer to W. F. Bird, part of sec. 30, Ann Arbor town 1,450 Austin Gulld to Joseph Guild, lot on Hamllton-st, Ypsilanti 1