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It Opeas I he Eyes. "My daughter ia losing lier aicht," said an anxious mother. "and just on the eve of marriage, too! What shall I do?" Let her get married, by all meaos," responded the doctor; "marriage is a regular eye opener." A man's eyea open pretty widely, when he finds hia wife's charma disappearinjf. Health ia the best friend of beauty, and the innumerable illa to which women are peculiarly aubject, ita worst enemies. Experience provea that women who posaess the beat healtb, use Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It is the only medicine for women, sold by druggists, under a positivo guarantee from the manufacturera, that it will give satiafaction in every case, or money wilt be refunded. This guarantee has been printed on the bottle-wrapper, and faithfully carried out for many yeara. 8he Was RIrIii A teacher aaked a little girl how many bonea there were in her body, and her anawer waa 208. "Wrong; there are only 207," said the teacher. 'Ye8'm," waa the triumphant reaponse, ''but I swallowed a fiahbone today." ICARTER'SI CURE Eick Headacheand relieve all thetroublea ÖWf Öent to a bilious etato of the system, auoh aS Dizzioess, Nausea, Drowsíness, Distress aftet eating, I'aiu in the Side, &c. While thoirmoafi xomarkible euccesa has been, sho wa in cujtug , SÏCfiC Eeaaache, yet Carter'a Little Livor Pillfl 8X9 equally valuablo in Constipation, curing and pre venting thieannoyingcomplaintwhilo they alao correct all disorders of thOBtomach,atinulate tha liver and regúlate the boweU. Even iï tUey oaly HEAD Acbetheywoaldbeftlmofltpricelesstotnoadwlld eufer from this diatressingcomplaint; butfortunately theirgooduass doea notend here.aud thosa whooncetrythemwill flndtheso little . ftbleinsomany ways that they will nofc be wilJing to do without them. But af tor ailsick hea4 ACHE Is the baneofsomany llvea thst hora Is whSM wemaUeourgrcatboaat. OtirpiUscuritwliila ethers da not . Carter's Littlo Llver Pilla aro very emaU ana very easy to take. One or two pilla mako a dose. They are strioíly vegetable and do not gripa oc purge, but by their gontle action ploase all wha usethem. Invialsat 25cents ; five for$l. Sold hj druggiets eïery whsro, or eent by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALLP1LL. SMALL DOSE. SMALLPRIGt NEW ADVERTISEMENTST GRATEFUL-COM FORTI NG. EPPS'S COCOA. BREAKFAST. By a thorough knowledge of the natural laws which govern the operations of digestión and nutrition, and by a careful application of the fine propertics of well Belected Cocoa, Mr. Epps has ■rOTlded our breakfsst tables with a delicately lavoured beverage which may Bave U8 many heavy doctore' bilis. It is by the judicious use of tuch anieles of diet that a constltution may be gradually built up until strong enough to reslst every tendency to discaso. Hundreds of subtle maladles are floating around us ready to attack wherever there is a weak point. We may escape many a fatal shaft keepinR onrselves well fortified with pure blood and a properly nourished fame." Civü Service Gazette. Made simply with boiling water or milk. Sold onlv in half-pound tins, by Grocers, labeled thus. JAJIKSKPMAdl, HomoBopathlc Chcmists. London England. CUBAN PARROTS My flrrt importation ha arrived. Thev are FIWB, HEtLTUT I'ARUOTS and will make good talkers. 95.00 each. Send for one atonce 69 WILSOK'8 BIRD 8T0RE, Cleveland. Ohlo. A ■ kACD1Í.Jmor no knifo: jük Dr. GrosvenoPs k MBELtB ni! ■ Giv,., q-uirk rtliej PLASTER I Jr„m pain. ■■#% I ■- rv m I Rhftumatiam, neuralgia, pi'urÍRy and inmbagoK Jrvl_t_once. fírnuinr tor .-i ■ hv II nruggmU-B HAIR BALSAM HC1cancs and beaatifiefl the hsir. jB Fromoveí & iaxuriaot growth. = HNever Fails to Restore Gray BSEOS-aBl Hair to ns Youttlful Color. HTJdBlil Cures scalp (iim'asta tt hair falüiie. i y ■'■"■ .B..-1 1 '"al HmgglrtJi Use Parker' GinJeronicIurenrorBlCouh; Wrak Lungi, Debility, Indigestión, Pain, Take intime. SOcts. HINDCRCORNS. The only ure cure for Coma. Stop 15c at Druggirti, or 1USC0X & CO., N. Y. f3 3)Mitchell'sKidney Piasters pJ t---S Abaorb all dUeaee in thcKidneys and f' f" restore thcm to a hcalthy condition. 1 1] Oíd chronic kidney sufferors say í f' they got no relief untíl they tried ' MÍTCHELL'S KIDM;v nASTi:iLs. SoW b7 D'-i]'Tf''f!iovñrywhere, orseutby mnil for"iOc Novulcy PiaKUr IVorks rowell, MjmII H I FemalePlUIsare ■ ■ ■■ ■■■■ 9m safe and reliübip; ontalns Tansey, Pennyroyal and Cotton Hoot tíeverfall. At dmg stores, or by mail, securely lealed, in plato wrapper, for $1.00. I. N. Reed, Agent, Toledo, O. Wholesale by Williams, Shelkt k Bkooks. Detroit Mlch. MProf. I. HUBERT'S ALVINA CREAM For líi mitlf ti Ih' Complexión. "ï#inOTe all Freckleu. Tan. Sunburn, Pimples, laver - ! is, and otherimperfectiiï! b. foteotitrÍHg,ant rwuV' i -MI blemisheH. an'i pt:ntianen(lv rfwtonnK tho comp' lion to ita orÍRinil freshnep. For sale at ynur Drugïiüt, or sent postpaii oo r-mpt f prico- 5tr. Prof. I. HUBERT, TOLEDO. OHIO.


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