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TOLEDO p. AnnarsR (j AND L Q north Michigan) r RAILWAY. l-r-O l ( M Howrd cvf . V0 pbaycity' AVMmuskeoon 3' yi"SA79AO''l''W I, TKAINS LÉATE ASÜ ARBOB GOING NORTH. No. 2. 7:40 a. m ThrouKh Maü&nd Eiptm' I 4. 12:30 p.m -Ann Arbor Toledo Accom I 6. 5:05 p. K _ Clare Pamenger', I (iOING 3OUTB. No. 1. 11:30 a. m Clare Toledo Accom. I 3. 9:20 P.M Through Mail I 5. 7:20 a. m Ann Arbor & Toledo Accom Central Standard Time. All trains dally except Snnday. W. H. BENNETT, Q. P. A., Toledo. R. S. QREENWOOD, Agent, Ann Arbot Michigan (Tentrai " The Niágara FaV.s Route." CENTRAL STANDARD TIME. TRAINS AT ANN ARBOR. Going East. Golng Wat. Mail 4.42 p.m. 9.35 a. m, Day ExpreiB 5.25 p. m. 8.39 a. m, North Shore Limitedt 6 .22 p. m. 10.19 a. m. Chicago Expresst 2.19 p.m. N. Y. & Ltm. Ext 9-45 p. m. Night Express 6.05 a. m. Evening Express 9 18 p.m, Atlantic Expresst 7.45 a. m. Pacific Expresst 10.30 p. m. Grand Rápida Ex 10.19 a. m. 5.52 p. m. Daily except Sunday. -Daily except Saturday t Daily. O. W. RÜGGLES H. W. HAYES, Q. P. & T. A. Chicago. As't. Ann Arbor. UNACQUAINTED WITH THE GEOGRAPHY OF THI3 COUNTRY W1LU08TI MUCK VALUADLE INFORMATION FROM A 3TUDY OF THI9 MAP OFffl Chicago, Boct Maní & PaiBíj The Direct Route to and frora Chicago, Joliet, Olí" I Peoría, La Salle, Moline, Rock Island, Ín ILLISOBil Davenport, Muscatine, Ottuinwa, Oakaloos, 11 Motnes, Winterset, Audubon, Harían and Cornal Bluffs in IOWA ; ílinneapolis and St. Paul, in M NESOTA ; Waterlown and Sioui Falls, in DAKOWi I Cameron, St Josi-ph and Kansas City, in MISSOCBIil Omaha, Lincoln, Fairbury and Nelson, in NEBRA3IA; I Atctaison, Leavenworth, Horton, Topeka, HutchiM! Wichita, Belleville, Abilene, Dodge City, CajJweU, i I KANSAS Kingflaher, El Reno and Mineo, inlNDU I TERRITORY ; Denver, Colorado Spring anl PW I ín COLORADO. Traverses new áreas of rlch íatM I and grazing lands, aflbrding the best facilltie of IW I communication to all towDS and cities east and tj I northwest and soulhwest of Chicago and to Pacíflc w I trans-oceanic seaports. MAGN1FICENT VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAJNS Leading all competltors in aplendor of equip I between CHICAGO and DES MOINES, COCWJI BLUFFS and pMAnA, and between CHICAGO "I DENVER, COLORADO SPRINGS and PUEBLO,! KANSAS CITY and TOPEKA and vía ST. JOS I First-Class Day Coaches, FREE RECLINING CHil"! CAES, and Palace Sleepers, wlth Dining Car Ser" I Close connectious at Denver and Colorado Spring I diverglng railway Unes, now forming the rW m I plcturesque ] STANDARD GAUGE TRANS-ROCKY MOUNTAIN ROV& I Over whlch superbly-equipped trains run THROÜGH WITHODT CHANGE to and ft0l Lake City, Ogden and San Francisco. THE RUV. I JSLAND is also the Direct and Favorite Uu lor[ from Manitou, Pike's Peak and all other "JZ, I scenic resoruandeities and mlning district InCoi1' DAILY FAST EXPRESS TRiM3 From St Joaeph and Kansas City to and IH& [m íortant towns. cities and sections in Southern eíjX Knsas and the Indlan Terrltory. Al vi ALití(r. I LEÍ. BOUTE from Kansas City and Chicaí t0 "V I town, gioui Falls. MINNEAPOLIS and stJLí I connecviong for all points north and northwt K the late and the Paciflc Coast. m I For Tickets, Maps, Folders, or desired lDfrgit I apply to anj Coupon Ticket Office in the üniW Or Canada, oraddresa E. ST. JOHN, JOHN SEBASTIA'! Gen'l Manager, Gen'l TW. 4 P M%' CHICAaO. ILL.


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