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A Model Rallwny. The Burlinít'on Route, C , B. & Q. R. R., opérate 7,000 milea of road, with termini in Chicago, St. Louis, St. Paul, Omaha, Kansas City and Denver. For speed, safety, comfort, equipment, track and efficiënt service i has no eq'ial. The Burlington gal na new patrons, but loKes none. 0 ' The New Orle.uis lynching lus nol specitilly alarmed Italiana for their safety i n this country, since 5,500 lefi Genoa for Xew York in a single week. The Larit, l'li-l and Flnput In the World. Aawnffer acoomodatlona nnexcelled. 1EW YORK. LONDONDERRY AND GLASGOW Ermopí Aug. 27 Circassia Sept. 10 AVCHORIA " 29 ETHIOPIA " 12 JfrBNSSSU =ept. 3 Anchoria " 17 NEW YORK, GIBRALTAR AND NAPLES. S-ALOCN. SECÓN D-CLASS AND STEERACE ra tes n 1 esttrrms to and f rom i be principie SCOTCH. EflGLISV, IRISH AND ftU CONTINENTAL POHITS. Excursión Tickets redueed, made avnilableto retum by either the Picturesqtie Clyde A North of Ireland, or DRAFTS AND MONe'V ORDERS FQBANYAMOUNT tit iowost eurrent rat?. Apply to any of our local atre-nts, or to SENDERSON BROTHERS, Chicago, III. JAMKM K. BACB, Aeut. The Best in the World. The "DAVIS." OVER HALF A MÏLLION IN USE FOR TERM8, ETC., ADDRES8, DAVIS SEWING MACHINE CO. DAYTON, O. CHICAGO, ILL. Capacity, 400 Machines per Day. NEW SH0FS OF THE D AVIS SEWING MACHINE Ctt AT DAYTON. OHIO. LOOSE EXTRACT HBB CLOVERBLOSSOM ' H HK ST ■ _B L " C4NCE.BV Female Weakne Sores, Clcers, Tumors A.bscesses, Hlood Puisonins:, Salt Kliemn Catarrh, KrysipcIjiH, Kheumatism and al, Hlood and Skin Diaeascs. Price (i. per Pin: Iiottle. or 6 Bottles for $5. 1 Ib can SoliáBztra: te.50. J. M. LOÓSE REDCLOVER CO Detroit. Mich. soid bv aii druggists. Ank niy aicpnls for W. I . Dónela Slio - II 1101 for sale Id yon r piare ank jour dénier lo ftrnd lor catAloKiie, iiTiiri' (be iiLfiicj. and sel them for yu. WTAKE NO HUBSTÍTUTE. .Ct WHY IS THE W. L. DOUCLAS $3 SHOE cent?eWn THE BEST SHOE IN THE WORLD FOR THE MONEV ? U is a seamless shoe, wlih no tacks or wax tbread to taurt the feet; made of the best fine t-alf, stylísli and easy, and because we make more shoes of this grade than any other manufacturer, it equals baiidsewed shoes costlng from $i.uo to $5.00. (te OO -eniiIue llaiul-scwod, the finest oalf P9a shoe ever offered for $5.00; equals French import f d shoes which cost froni $8.00 to $12.00. CíA. OO flnnd-Sewetl Welt Shoe, nne calf, P" stylish, comfortabk' and durable. The bent shoe ever offered at this price ; same grade as cust- im-made shoes eosting from $6.0U to $9.00. ffiO 50 Pólice Shoe; Farmers, Railroad Men Pwb and LetterCarrlersall weartheni; fine calf, seamless, smooth ínside, heavy three aoles, extensión edge. One pair wlll wear ayear. CO O '"'■' calf; uo better shoe ever offered at 9b thls prlce; one trial wlll convince those who want a shoe for comfort and service. (EO ' lllH' $'OO i-ki iitrtiifi ii'n shoet Pa are vt-ry stroug and durable. Those who have given them a trial wlll wear no other make. nAUe! $'.00 mul ÜS1.75 school shoes are DUTO worn by the boys uvcrywhere; theyseli on theTr merlts, as the tncreaslng sales show. I orAC S.'J.OO Ilaiid-Hewed shoe. best kiCI UIC9 Dongola, very stylish; equals French imported shoes costlng f rom $i.u to $6.ÜU. l.ndien' 3.SÜ .00 and Si. 75 shoe for Mtsses are the best fine Dongola. Stylish and durable. Caution.- See that W. L. Douglas name aud price are stamped on the bottoni of each sboe. VV. L, DOUGLAS, lirockton, Mass. WM. KKIMUKDT ét CO. 42 8. Main SI


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