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Electric Bolts

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PF.VASTATIOX IN INDIANA. COLUMBUS, Ind., Aug. 17. - A terrible wind and electrioul storm swept over this eounty about '■' o'clock Saturday morning. There was one continued flash of lightning. At Elizabethtown, this countj. the elementsassutnedtheshape of a cyclone. and the black clouds hung apparuntly near the ground, and %vhirled and twisU'd in a fearful manner. There were dazzling flashes of lig-htning and loud and instant reporte from the eleetrical bolts, two of which struck the frame residence of Horaoe Trent and burned it to the ground. The entire upper story of the fine brick schoolhouse was torn away and the building rendered of liVtle value. The brick residence of Charles Siseo had one end and one side blown into the street. Eüs wife, hearing the storm, had just stepped into a frame addition when the crash came, and escaped uninjured. The 16-yearold son, Ezra, was asleep in a bed near the wall that gave way, and was1 buried tome 3 feet in the debris and was fatally hurt abont the head and breast. The father was also hurt, but not fatally. From the Siseo a (jood-sized mirror was carried soine distance, and when found was not damaged. The atables of Mrs. Carter and James Burns were blown down and two horses in the former's barn were killed. The large grain elevator belonging to Ed Springer, the barn of Daniel Uurns. R. C. Newsora's flouring-mill and the Christian church building were badly damaged, and a large nuniber of fruit and forest trees were completely torn to pioces. A horse belonging to Ed Springer and a mulé owned by Daniel Horas were killed by lightning. The damage done by the cyclone in the town cannot be estimated. Some three hours later a very angry cloud appeared in the southwest and moved east very rapidly, with eontinual flashes of lightning and a continued roar of thunder. When first seen by parties in this city it was very low and rolling eastward, but gradually rose before reaching here. In the center of this city there wasn't onough wind to lift one"s hat off. while some shade and fruit trees were badly damaged in both the extreme noithern and southern parts of the city. In East Columbus the house of Charles Met' alia was struck by lightning and Mr. McCalla was so badly shocked as to paralyse his left side. About 300 yards north of the McCalla residence a cow belonging to George Monroe was struck by an electric b;lt and instantly killed. A young man bythe name of Carson, who was sitting in a chair in the door of his father's residence, was so badly shocked that he became insensible, and his phygician thinks his nervous system has been shattered and his mind injured. Vandalia, 111., Aug. 17. - In Pope township during the progress of a storm a nephew of State Senator Farmer, of this city, together with a team of horses that he was driving, took shelter under a tree, when a bolt pf lightning descended, killing the young man and both horses. Dekver, Col., Aug. 17. - Electricity flaahed around Denver Sunday night, and as a result John Cunning is dead nd Dan Pitzpatrick, Dan Edwards, ÏJike Fennells and John Tuck are badly injured. Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 17. -In Severas ounty the three sons of Wallace Will;$ms, all preachers, were fatally struck by lightning.


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