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Frightful Falls

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HEB I.IFK CRV8HED OUT. Cincinnati, Aug. 17. - Miss Anna Ilaukes, of Terre Haute, whoae professional name is Leroy, made a balloon ascensión Saturday afternoon at Coney Island, a resort 10 miles up the river. The balioon sailed about a mile westwestward, and when 500 feet high she cut loose with the parachute. The rope of the trapeze immedkitely broke. The woman descended like an arrow, striking the ground on her feet and was driven into the earth above her knees. When reached her lifeless body, was found raashod almost out of shape. Tacoma, Wash., Auff. 17.- Aeronauta Woodhall and Parker have been giving exhibitions here. Saturday afternoon Woodhall was ill and Parker made an ascent. He braced up before hand on whisky, and when several hundred feet up he began to do trapeze acts, when the balloon being unsteady, he should have remained quiet Suddenly he lost his hold and feil like a shot to the earth. Parker cannot recover. He is imbedded in piaster casts at the hospital and is barely alive. Both legs have been amputated. Hfs partner, Woodhull, made another ascensión Sunday afternoon. Denver, Col., Aug. 17. - A balloon ascensión at Manhattan Beach, a summea resort near here, Sunday afternoon came near resulting fatally for three persons. Several thousand people had assembled towitnessthe ascensión of the mammoth airship, which was to carry, beside Prof. King, a couple to be married in the basket just before the rope was cut. The balloon shot up in the air and at a height of 8,000 feet it encountered a storm and burst. It feil over 1 mile like so much lead. Then fortunately for the occupants of the car the slik fortned itself into a parachute, thus stopping the rapidity of the fall. The three lit in a cornfield about 7 miles from the city, but with such force that they were unconscious for several hours afterwards. Syracuse, N. Y., Aug. 17. - James Buckingham, aeronaut and parachutist, who made an ascensión at Pleasant Beach on Onandaga lake, this city, Sunday met a horrible death in the water there about 6 o'clock. The ascent was made without difficulty, and when several hundred feet up in the % air the professor looeened his hold on the balloon and dropped directly over the lake. The parachute inflated with air and the descent was made slowly, but when the water was reached the parachute completely oovered Buckingham. and it was thought he was unable to extricate himself ironi its folds. About 7,000 people were present and witnessed the fall from the balloon and the subsequent drowning. Rome, Aug. 18. - A balloon whioh ascended Sunday at Macerata, the capital of the Italian province of that name, was carried out over the Adriatic, and while it was hanging over the water the aeronaut either feil or jumped out of the car and was drowned before he could be reached by craft which put out to his aid.


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