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Dyspepsia Makes the lives of many people miserable, causing distress after eating, sour stomach, sick. beadacbe, heartburn, loss of appetlte, & falnt, "all gonc " f eellng, bad taste, coated n] , tongue, and lrregularity of UlSiresS thebowels. Dyspepsiadoes After not set we" of itseu. i■ II requires careful tttentlon, tating and a remedy 1Ue j! Sarsaparilla, which acts gently, yet efflci, It tones the stomach, regulates the 6 tlon, creates a good Sioli petlte, banlshes headache, . and refreshes the mind. Headachl " I have been troubled with dyspepsia. 1 had but little appetite, and Wbat I dld eat üstressed me, or did me u little Aíter eatins i DUrn would have a faint or tired, all-gone feeling, as thougli I had not eaten anything. My trouble was aggravated by my business, painting. Laai spring I took Hood's 9OUr saparllla, which did me an Stomach Immense amount of good. It gave me ia appetite, and my food relished and satisfïed the craving I liad previously experienced." Geobgb A. Page, Watertown, Mass. Hood's Sarsaparilla Soldby alldruggists. $1; slx f or f!r. Prfparedonly HtC. Ï.HOOD CO., Apche":-c Í ■ :l, JUöj. OC Doses C ■- 1849. xas I89L PËOPLH FAÏ The 43d Annual Fair of the MicMp State Agricnltnral Society, Will be held on its grounds at Lansing, On SEPTEMBER7 to 12, 1891. The Exhibits will ba Finer and Larger than Ever Before ! Imprond Livt Stook, tha Litest Ideai in Mehinery, Impiements, Manafactores, Qrand DiipUy of Fniitl and Haven, an Attraotira Art and Ladiet' Depirtmeat, oto-, ate. Liberal Speed Premiums. Evdry citizöD of tho State shoald be In attendance at least one day. Tha State Fair is the poople's show, and hu been one of the sreatest edncators ia improved Sffricaltare which has been withiu the reach of the farmers of Michigan. Half Fare on all Railroads witliin the State. JOHN T. BICB, President. BAMTTEL JOHNSON. Lanslng, 8ecretary. C W. YOUNG, Paw Paw, Treasarer. ('oom Issloners' NoMce. STATE OF MICHIGAN, I COUNTY OF WASHTKNAW. ƒ The underiigned having been appointed by tn1Probate Court forsaid County, Commissionersto recelve, examine and adjust all claim and dematuis of all persons againtt the estáte of William w.Tubbs, late of said County deceased, hereby give notice that sli months from date are allowed by order of sald Probate Court, for Creditors to present their claims against the estáte of sald deceased, and that they will meet at the office of Elihu B. Pond, in the city of Ann Arbor, in said County, on Wednesday.the 18th day of November, and on Thursday, the 18th day of February, next, at ten o'clock a. m., of each of aid 4ys, to receive, examine and adjust said claims. Dated, August 18th, 1891. . .7 JB00CBMPD'[Cmm'101'"We clip the following from Presto, oue of the leading musical journala of this country: " From many sources Presto learrjs of the increasing popularity of the Guild piano, manufacturad by the Guild Piano Mfg Co., 101 Bristol street, BoBton. Among the repreeentatives of the Guild is Mr. A. Wilsey, Ann Arbor, Mich., who recently gare an order for flfty of the instruments. In his advertidement he sayB: 'The improvements in the Guild are vital. They are in the very heart of the piano. No slipping, or springing tuning pins. None are more honestly made. There is nothing shoddy about them. People like them, and buy them. We have never been able to get enough of them. More of them sold in Ann Arbor last year than all others combined.' Mr. Guild has moved into his new factory premises, which have been enlarged and fitted with additional machinery and othe facilitie?." 55tf Childrer Cryfor Pitcher's Castorla. Ice cream and lees served to families n 1, 2, 3 or 4 qt. bricks. Hangsterfer. tf


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