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The Two Sams

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REDUCE CLOTHING STOCK ! Our Buyer has gane east to purchasc Fall and Winter Goods, and in order to malee room, we will for Ă­he alance of the niontli of August give our patrons A GRAND BENEFIT SALE, AND LOW PRICES WILL RULE OUR MEN'S SUITS, BOYS' SUITS, CHILDREN'S SUITS, Wewill give you a clear saving of 33 1-3 to 50 per cent from former prices on every Garment purchased froru ua. 1 Lot 150 Men's Suits, Sacks and Frocks, Tailor-Made, trimmed firet-class, made to retail at $15 and $16.50; our price to close out will be $9. 1 Lot 100 Men's Suita, Sack's and Frocks, Tailor-Made to retail at $12 and $13.50 would be a bargain at $10 ; our price to close out will be only $7.50. 1 Lot 160 Boys' Suits, well made and fine trimmings, made to retail at $6 and $7, would be a bargaiD at $5 ; our price to close out the lot will be only $3.75 a Suit. 1 Lot 150 Children's Suits, elegant styles ; sizes, 4 to 14 years, made to retail at $4 and $5; we want the room, and will close out the lot at only $2.65 a SuitRemember our one-fourth off sale continĂșes for the balance of thia month, and if you are going to buy a fall or winter Overcoat this season it will be money in your pocket to purchase nowAn endless variety of Negilee Shirts and Hot Weather Clothing. Come and see what we are showing. IL.. BLITZ .


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