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Mr. William Henry Smith, the manager of the Associated Press, haswritten an article for the forthcoming August Cenlury on "The Press as a Jsews Gatherer," in which he describes the origin and growthof that famousorganization, the Associated Press. The entire world is covered in its wonderful system.- The Century Co., New York, N. Y. The Overland Monthly for August prints, in ite series of industrial aiticles, a paper by Charles G. Yale on "Gold Mining of Today." It is u valuable statement of the present conditions of this the oldest of Californian induitries, and is abundantly illustrated by pictures that show the processes and peculiaritieB of the work. - Overland Pub. Co., San Francisco, Cal. Scribncr'i Magazine for August is a "Fiction Number," and contains flve complete short 8tories by Thomas Nel8OD Page, T. R. Sullivan, A. A. Hayes, Annie Eliot, and John J. a'Becket. Four of thestories are illustrated, each by an artist chosen for bis skill in delineating the special characters and incidente which are the features of the tale. - Charles Scribner'a Sons, New York. The Atlantic Monthly for August has two notable features besides the serial etories by Mrs. Catherwood and Mr. Stockton. Henry James contributes an admirable short story entitled " The Marriages,'' which will delight his army of admirers; and Mr. John C. Ropes, who is peculiarly strong in writing on military subjects, bas an excellent paper on General Sherman, awarding him great but not undiscriminating praise. - Houghton Mifïlin & Co., Boston, Mass. The current number of Barper't Weekly includesamong its many attractive features a series of illustrations from instantaneous photographs of the recent Naval Review of Boston. Harper's Bazar for this week presente, as usual, a rich variety of articles pretaining to the fashions, domestic economy, household management, etc, including a Pattern sheet Supplement. Interesting articles are contributed by Colonel T. W. Higginson, C. DeHurst, Mrs. Agnes B. Ormsbee, and others. - Harper and Brothers, New York, N. Y. The Magazine of Art for August is an unv.sually good number. It has a strong literary interest too, for the opening article is devoted to " The Portraits of Thackeray," and is by F. G. Kitton, who is an expert in the discovering of literary portraits. The other portraits are more familiar, but none the less interesting. "Concerning Some Punch Artists" comes not inappropriately after the Thackeray paper, and is particular] y timely, as on the 17th of this month Punch will celébrate its semi-centennial.- Cassell Publishing Company, 35 cents a number, $3.50 a year. The August Popular Science Monthly deserves special notice. It opens with one of Dr. Andrew D. White's able Chapters in the Warfare of Science, entitled From Fetich to Hygiëne, which gives a terrible picture of the ravages of epidemics when prayers and saintly relies were relied upon to check them The Value of Statistics is discussed by Hon.,CarrollD. Wright, who tells how censas returns should be used, and shows how they are sometimes made to give false evidence. Mr. S. N. Dexter North closes his interesting account of The Evolution of the Woolen Industry in the illustrated series on American industries.- D. Appleton & Co., New York, N.Y.


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