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You Cannot Fool A Woman

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In a recent number of the Chicago Inter-Ocean Mrs. Elizabeth Hunt, of Bloomington, whospeaksfor herself and to the point, gives her impressions of the McKinley bill in the following terse language: I am a Democrat's wife, but I am sick of seeing such lies as this in newspapers whose editors claim not to be fools. I cut this paragraph out of the Chicago Herald: "When a woman pays fifty cents more a yard for stuff to mako a dress than she would have paid if the McKinley bill had not become a law she should keep it to herself. So doing she will confer a great favor on President Harrison, who thinks that he may get another term in the White House if people will quit making 'malevolent' reinarks about the tariff.- New York Times." Now, don't this fooi Democrat who edits The Herald know, or can't bis wife teil him, that everything a woman wears costs less than it did before the McKinley bill passed? Calic√≥ is four and a half cents per yard; a good snmmer silk costs from twenty-five to thirty-five cents a yard. It used to cost one dollar. Black silk can be bought for from sixty cents to one dollar that used to cost from two dollars to three dollars and a half. Sugar costs five cents that used to cost eight cents. Ribbons are half the old price, stockings the same, and jerseys, since they aro making them in this country, cost half as much as the imported. Ladies' things are down. We ladies know that Democratie hnsbands can lie to each other, but they can't He to ns. We women are not fools. Let The Herald liar stick to men's things when he lies and not try to lie ubout women's things. We won't stand it. l'm a Democratie women, but I don't want any lying to keep the party np. We women are not fools. Eljzabetii Hunt. Of the nations of the world Grmany, France, Russia, Canada, Sweden and Norway, Austro-Hungary and the United States favor Prot√ęction. England, New Zealand and New Soath Wales are in favor of a revenue tariff. There are 450,000,000 people who favor Protection and only 39,000,000 who want Free-trade. To these latter must be added those In our own country who, living under our flag, seem to prefer another.


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