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An Impossibility

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Tlie Oiiio Demócrata (iemand íor 6Í1ver and gold "the equal right of each to liee and unlimited coinage." They are precisely the words in which they put iheir demand, and in this, the Ledger thinkc, they nave made another grave iiietgke,if t h ei r platform, in this regard, ík to set the pattern for the presidential electiun next year. They are demanduil' equality firtiiings - silver and gold - which in their very nature are DU equal, and which no iteration or reileration of mere words in the resol vee of politica! convention, or an act of con.'ii-.-s, cm niake equal. Notbing luit an international Hgreement amona the ("Uiiuercial nations of the wold can inuintaiu them upon an "eqiiRl" footing for the purpo.-e of international commerce. All experience has shown thi?, and the inequality must continue to exim t-o long as the production of gold shall be as limited as it actually is - and so lona as the power of production of silver ia practically "unlimited," as it ai'iually is. In this condition of the produotion of the "precious metáis" there will be and must b fluctuations in valué that cannot be overeóme by rasolvd of party conventions or by the acts of any one Congress or Parlianvnt, or any other power except redemption in gold or bv international agre' ment.


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