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Don't Boast Of Your Ancestors

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How much rot is proudly talked about ancestors ! Just Btop and think this out. You had two parents and four grandparents. In the third generation behind you your ancestors numbered 8; in the lourth, 16; fifth, 32; sixth, 04; Sfvenlh, 128; eighth, 256; ninth, 512; tenth, 1,024. Altogether, during ten generations which may have passed in frotn 250 to 350 years, 2,046per6ons have contributed to your inheritance of liealth or disease, ability or partial imbeciiity. The chanctsare ten thousanu to one that there must have been some great Bcoundrels in that total of over 2,000 people who have marched in the grrat procession to the grave, and those very ones may have been the individuals of most powerful personality, so that you, for all I know, may be a very bad character yourself. There is one con-olation, however, to offset this dubious backlook, and that is thit: According to Dalton, the great student of beredity, the mother's influence upon the oil'spring is about equal to the total influence of all the other progenitors. But we civilized people seldom take prominently into consideration, in the matter of ancestiy, the female line Some barbarie tribes couni that side in descent only. Which is the wiser? Why. according to the authority


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