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Poor Mr. Cleveland

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Just now tbere ib going the a manifestó, said to ibsue from Buffalo, against ttie re-nomination of Mr. Cleveland. It mattere little whether this manifestó is the genuine expression of Democrutp, or au invention of the enerny, Mr. Cleveland' danger arises not so inuch from enniuies who resort to such publications, as from Democrais who think morethanthey talk.andgive their vote where their convictions goor withhold ihem. It is the hundred of thousands o' these, the lack of whoi-e votes will prevent Mr. Cleveland' from re-ascending tlie White Houte Btepe Bhould he bv. re-nonainated. Tne.v votedfor Mr. Cleveland, after P.dvocating nis re-nomination, with a enerous trust that found po response" ifier hm election. He neither eought or cared for a warm place in the democratie heart, and the heart will leave him ín his solitary grandeur. Mr. Cleveland may be re-nominated. That manifestó is hardly worth regarding. But he will not be re-elected - not because of that, but in spite of it. If he loved democracy, and therefore Demócrata loved him, as the true democracy loved Jackson and Jefiferson, the manifestó would


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