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The Soap that i Cleans Most is Lenox. ( pfSITUATÍÜÑS ü FOR MEN. W ood Fnyinir PERMANENT POSITIOSTS to a few good men. Exclusive territory. Bat little knowledgs required to begin. Houesty tsd push will make Big Money. HOOPE8, BBO. fr THOMAS, 70 Nurserymen, West Gtaester, Pa. ■ ■ Wm k "AWKKSIS" irvr instant lrclicf and san infalliblo L Cure for l'iles. l'rice$l. By W0 I " kDmiTBistsormiiil. Samples ■ rree.Addrpss"ANAKESIS," I Bi ■■ %FBoz 2416, New Vork City. YOUR BREAD CAN'T BE SOUR IF YOU USE GBLLETT'S MAG IC YEAST aü?CK I NEVER GETS ECONOMICAL ' UUH. Ask for "Magie" at your Orocer's. Let hlm seli his otter kiuds to other people. 12 Vlhe Best and Purest MedicineS ISL EVER MADE. II j5k]kItwlllftrivetheHvimorfromyonrll II & CL.system, and make your skin III II b VWltclean and smooth. ThoBel I I % VLFitnples and Blotche8 „ % t 'h. $Jy. whu h mar yoiir beautyM U %} '.arecaused byimpureM n %,?, VLblood, and can beI II j. a 4, JifAj'ILremoYedlnashortl I II % ya % ' V tóXL.wise and nsel I UI WA V"5 LblSdpu- %X AV5Xrlfler, n KM The Dose wV - -Í %,■%% B spoonful. Itl3Ü,.]i %-b %■ I best and cheapestk o ava."III med'.ciue. Try it, and2,, %.%, I youwilltiesaüsfied. 7? 'AiNVIII Liet it of yoor Drugirist. k" 'Cv SH ' DOU'TWAIT. GF.TITAÏONCak ""M If vou are Buffering from Kldk III ncv llsease, and wish to live to ol,i age, use SULPHUU BITTEKS I Thcy liever fail to cure Ijl Send 3 2-cent stampa to A. P. Onlway & Co., Bo- To = r lpst meilical work puuUshedr Purify YOUR Blood WITH Hibbard's Herb Extract A WONDERFUL CURE. riÊKbif. This is a true likoémi S@k nesa of me weariug SEKffiQ artificial nose and (Kik S upper lip af ter ScrofflSfeálür "li! l'dcoHsuincdiny H ylKj nose anf upper lip, lS cured by Hibbabd's r9m IlEliB Extract. This Jkl. _ Jjl 's not a patent medi" preparation of roots and herbs that cured me over 47 years ago, since when I have cured thousands with its use. It requires a powerful vegetable remedy to effect such a cure as my own, and my argument has always been that the remedy that cured me would cure all forma of Scrofula or other Blood and Skin Diseases. lts success has been phenomenal. Send for list of testimoniáis and printed history of my case. or ca!l on me any day, or write and describe your case. Advice free. Mus. J. Hibbard. Avoid imitations. Ba sure above tradeRark is on wrapper. S1.00 at all Druggist. HIBBARD HERB EXTRACT CO., 'W Canal ut. Chicago, XU.


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