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Sparrow orders last week amounted to $58.92. The Register office is now lighted by electricity. The two large boilers for the TJniversity have arrived. George Crocker is building a new house on Spring-st. A flag stone walk is being laid in iront of W. G. Dieterle's store. Bom to Prof. and Mrs. McLaughlin, Saturday evening, a son. Gottfried Geiser, of Ann Arbor town, was sent to Pontiac Tuesday. Some alterations are being made in the store of Goodyear & St. James. The Maccabees are talking of organizing a uniformed rank and ladies' hive. The social jtiven by the ladies of St. Thomas church Thursday evening netted $110 Johnson Backus has been appointed administrator of the estáte of the late W. W. Tubbs. The new house of O. L. Kobinson in the Hall addition is being furnished with electric lights. The Btreet railway track from Detroitst. to the Michigan Central depot has been nicely planked. Christian Dieber stole a watch Saturday evening. He was found guilty and eentenced to jail for thirty days. Kev. Abraham Cottman, oftbe African Methodist church, attended the conference held in Detroit on Satureay. Hampton Atkinson, formerly of this city, who has been being in Lansing for some time, has rented a house on north fifth-ave. Prof. Alfred Hennequin will contribute an essay on Janauschek to the coming book of "Actors on the American Stage." - G. A. Hofffetetter lost a valuable diamond ring on Saturday morning. It was luckily found, only a few hours after, by Ed. Schairer. Miss Julia A. Kempf, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Kempf, of Northfield, died on Saturday last. She was twentytwo years of age. News was received, Saturday, of the death of Mrs. Randolph Hogers at Rome. She passed away on the 29th of July. She was a native of Virginia. James Smith, of Scio, suddenly dropped dead Monday morning. A coroner's inquest dieclosed the fact that death had resulted from heart disease. ____ John Shiplack and Charles Schneider imtiibed too freely of the amber fluid and, as a result on Monday morning, parted with $10.15 each in fines and costs. Mrs. Patrick Bonner died on Monday at her residence on the corner of Thayer and Monroe-sts. The cause of her death was cáncer. Mrs. Bonner was fifty-eight years of age. John Miller, jr., whose leg on the 21st of August, 1888, was crushed by a Michigan Central engine, has sued the company for 810,000. He charges carelessness on the part of the engineer. Prof. J. B. Davis bas fixed the grade of Catherine-et and Clark-st around the new hospital. He finds that an average cut of not more than ;ii or 4 feet will be required to place the streets in good condition. Dr. C. H. Land, a Detroit dentist, has brought suit for slander against Jonathan Taft, dean of the dental department, placing bis damages at $50,000. Dr. Taft is accused of having reflected upon Dr. Land's methods in the course of some of his lectures to the studente. Nearly $10,000 in improvements will be spent by the furniture compauy this eeason. Another large boiler has been set up, making tvro in all, one for Bummer and one for winter use. A smoke stack 100 feet high will soon be erected. The company now have on their payroll about 100 men. At the meeting of the school board, Tuesday, the contract for building the high school sewer was let to Hutzel & Co. for 87} cents per foot, or $1030.78 for the whole job. It was decided not to change the heating apparatus this year, according to Prof. Cooley's plans, the season being too far ad vaneed. Other business, less important, was transacted. The annual picnic for the eewing school will be held in the grove opposite the fair ground, Friday afternoon, August 28th. Friends wishing to dónate eatables or money can leave them at Miss Brown's No. 13 south State-st, or at Mr. Holmes' on Forest-ave, Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. They must provide for one hundred children. A clever swindle was accomplished Tuesday morning at the expense of Mrs. P. V. Dignan, of East Universityave. A man claiming to be an expresa messenger called at the house and informed her that he had a package from her daughter in Chicago, upon which there were $3 charges. Mrs. Dignan demurred, but finally received the package by paying $2.50. Upon opening it she found nothing but crumpled papers. Wheat has ranged from 95 cents to $1.00 during the past week. Fine wool is bringing from twentythree to twenty-four cents. John Moore has purchased a drug store on Third-ave in Detroit. The old botany room in University Hall is being repaired and frescoed. Miss Roba Pulcipher has accepted a position in the county clerk's office. The estimated average yield of wheat in this county is 19.25 bushels per acre. Seventeen milis and elevators in this county marketed 25,725 bushels of wheat during July. Charles Baab threw a rock at August Dupsloff last Saturday. Raab.threedays afterwards.paid $2.00 fine and coste. Rev. J. M. B. Sill, of Ypsilanti, will officiate at St. Andrew's church on the remaining two Sundays of this month. John Graw, of Lima, and Mrs. Theobold Martin, of Ann Arbor, received machines from the Schuh Sewing Machine club last week. William Canna stole, on the tenth of August, a paintbrush and pair of shears fromGeorge Coburn. He is nowserving a thirty-day sentence in the jail. Parties wishing to mail extra copies of Th Register'b special edition of Sept. 17 can have them mailed at pound rates by leaving the addresses at this office. Alice Allen and Katie Kartruff, the latter from Saline, became gloriously drunk, and are now sobering off in th county jail. It will take about thirty days to bring them around. The special edition of The Register will contain by far the most complete write-up of the city that has ever been given. Every citizen should order a few copies and send them where they will do the most good. León J. Richardson, who was managing editor of the Argonaut in the fall of 1889, has been appointed instructor of Latin in the TJniversity of California. He ha? been a teacher in the Jack8on high school during the past year. July was a tolerably warm month, the mean temperatnre at Ann Arbor being 67.9. The hottest day was the 22nd, the temperature then being 87. Tbere were but two cloudy days during the entire montb, and the total rainfall was only 2.54 inches. The new house of F. G. Schleede on east Jeffereon-st is fast approaching completion. It is fifty by Bixty feet in size and will cost $3,000. The lower floor will be furnished with red oak and the upper floor in Norway pine. Arthur J. Kitson has the contract. The History of Higher EJucation in Michigan, published by the United States Commissioner of Education and edited by Prof. McLaughlin, will be issued within the next two weeks. The eighty or ninety pages devoted to the University are from the pen of Prof. McLaughlin. S. Rosenthaler has purchased the store on State-st now occupied by J. R. Bowdisb & Co. and J. P. Judson, and will Boon move his billiard hall to that location. J. R. Bowdish and the branch office of the Postal Union Telegraph company, will take possession of the store formerly occupied by H. L. Ferguson. Francis Gould, of York, appeared before Justice Pond, charged with an unmentionable crime against his daughter Leila, said to have been committed two years ago last The girl, it is claimed, has been forced by threats to keep the matter quiet. Gould's examination was postponed till Tuesday next, and his bond was fixed at 1,000. The students' hand book for the year 1891-2 has just been published by the Students' Christian Association. It contains a map of Ann Arbor, a ilescription of the University and its buildings, an explanation of the work done by the association and many useful suggestions for new students. The book was printed by the Register Publishing Company. The second annual celebration of Germán day passed off successfully at Manchester yesterday. The procession in the morning was long and attractive and the speech of Paul G. Suekey in the afternoon was effective. Many thousands from the adjacent counties were present, Ann Arbor being, of course,well represented. A more extended account of the celebration will be given next week. The Washtenaw District Lodge of Good Templare held its quarterly meetine on Friday last, in this city. Some thirty or forty members were in attendance. O. W. Blaine, of Grand Rapide, Grand Chief Templar of Michigan, who was present, delivered an address. He described, in a vivid manner, his recent visit to Scotland, where he attended the meeting of the Right Grand Lodge of the world. The Washtenaiv lodge drew up a petition which will be sent to the Grand Lodge of Michigan, asking that the sale of liquors within five miles of the University or Normal school be prohibited. In the evening a pleasant I reception was given at the resldence of O. B. L. Crozier to all the delegates.


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