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Thrnslied .-■ an Twlce Ilis Slae. The other day a small harmless looking man entered a New York street car, and accidently trod on the toes of a big six-footer. He apologized, but the sixfooter was not satisfied. He talked for Bome time, and finally invlted the little man to leave the car and settle the matter on the sidewalk. Greatly to his astonishment, the latter accepted. Those who witnessed the eontest say that it didn't last long, but that the big fellow had to be carried home in an ambulance, while thedimioutive antagonist walked away with a cheerful smile. And so it is with Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They're not half as big as most of their rivals, but they do their work quietly and thoroughly. For sick headache, biliousness, constipation,dyspepsia, etc., tfcere is nothing like them. They are the only Liver Pili absolutely eold on trial! Your money back, if they don't give satisfaction. Ladtea Try. Great Frecch Remedy. Dr. Le Duc'b Periodical Pilis from Paris, France, act only upon the genrative organs in fe males, and positiwly cure Buppression of the mensus (from whatever cause) and all periodical troubles peculiar to women. Established in Europe, 1839; England, 1850. Canada. 1878; United States, 1887. A safe, reliable remedy, warranted to excite menstruatation, or money refunded. The larger portion of the illa to which ladies are subject is the direct result of a disoidered and irregular menstruatation. The American fía Co., proprietors. Price, $2. Sold by Eberbach & Son, druggists, Ann Arbor. Micb. 0 Bank Circulado tttowlng. A fact of great importance to the country at large is the increase of the national bank circulation through the extensión of the 4 1-2 per cent. bonds at 2 per cent. Since the offer of extensión was first made the increase has been euch that over $5,000,000 additional currency has been nut in circulation in business channeTs. The New York banks have been with the banks of the west and south in the increase. New York bank circulation has grown from $3,608,200 on July 3 to $4,976,200 at the present time. The increase will undoubtedly continue next montli. - New York Press. New V.u Klpmcm on ttae Wiihitnli. The Wabash Railroad has just placed on its day trains between Chicago and St. Louis a Une of elegant new Wagner buffet parlor cars. These cara make direct connection at St. Louis with through sleepers for Hot Springs and the Southwest. The night trains on the Wabash running between Chicago and St. Louis have long had the distinction of being the finest in the West, their compartment sleepers being especially popular. Ttiifi new departure brings their day trains up to the same standard. 51tf Chlll's nrloii iirrcurj. The money of Chili at present is peculiar. It consista of sruall tags of pasteboard, on which a man writes the yalue for which he is willing to redeem it, putting his name on the back. It then begins to circuíate, nntil it finally gets back to the source from which it emanated. - Boston Traveler. M n or Woinan. Gtaost or Human. We cannot say what will cure ghosts, but many men and many women who look like ghosts rather than human beinga, through sickness, would regain health and happiness, if they would try the virtue of the world-renowned remedy , Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. Torpid liver, or "biliousness," itnpure eruptions, scrofulous sores and swellings, consumption (which is scrofula of the lungs), all yield to this wonderful medicine. It is both tonic and strength-restoring, and alterative or blood-cleansing. A Valn 1.1 tl le II ummlng Blrd. A little humming bird is said to be making liimself unaccountably familiar at the home of Dick Bmith near Thompson, Ga. Regularly every Sunday, when the family go to the dining-rooia for dinner, the bird flies into the family room and brings up before the family mirror, where he bows to himselfand flutters and capera around extensively. -Detroit Free Press. Ranken. Doctors, Lawyers, Carpenters, Druggists, Engineers, Mechanica, in fact we have recommendations from people in all stations in life, testifying to the wonderful cures that Sulphur Bitters have effected. Send for testimoniáis. See another column. 2 A One Slded Bargaito. The champion horse trade of the vicinity took place recently. A well known Lee jockey secured a showy colt, and hied himself to the dale to see the boys. When he carne back he was driving a fine black horse, leading a good bay, while there followed behind apairof oxen, a cow, an oíd sow and eight pigs.- Springfield, (Mass.) Republican. Wliat is Virtur '.' Strength, goodness, efficacy. Surely then Hibbard's Herb Extract has virtue or how did it ever cure Mrs. Hibbard (whose picture appears in another column) after hereditary scrofula had eaten away her nose and upper lip? See advertisement. Identlfled lltiu "Who was the new arrival who carne ast night?" "A little wizened, dried up fellow with a drawl, a limp, a single eyeglass and the marmers of a drum major on parade." -'Then we might as well skip from here at once. We'll have no chance with the girls now " Why not?" "Because from your descnption he must be a loreien nobleman."


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