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The report of the commissioner of mineral statistics for the year onding September 1, 18'Jü, has been sent toGov. Winans. It gives figures as follows: One-nalf of the iron ore produced in thO United States was mined in Michigan, th amountbeing 7,185,175 tons, valued at 141, 000,000. Eighty-two iron mines wero operated In Michigan in 1890, and seventcen blast furnaces producing 225,537 tons of pig iron. Six copper mines paid divldends in 1890 amounting to 13,090,000, the Calumet and Heclapaying $3,000,000 alone. The total divldends of thls mina are $34,850,000. The Calumet and Hecla's stock is worth $26.1)00,000. The total production of the copper mines of Michigan in 1890 was 683,8W4 tons, valued at $15,845,437. The amount of land piaster was 920,436 tons and 3,498,383 barrels of stucco of 300 pounds each. TherO were nine coal mines producing 71,991 tons. Ninety-seven salt concerns produced 3,838,637 barrels. S;inlstone quarrylng is on the increase, two companies having dividends amounting to $100,000. The Ropes gold mina turnedout a net product of $65,240.67. FOUND DEAD. A Myxtf-ry Over the Death of Two Persons Ni-ar Red Oaks. The body of James Burns was found in his home near Red Oaks by Herman Grostick. A girl who was supposed to be his daughter, but who it was ascertained from papers found in the house was not, was found lying dead across the body. A tight cord around the girl's oieck showei that she had been Btrangled. There were no signs oí a Struggle and everything in the house was in order. The supposition was that Burns died a natural death and that the g'irl, on discovering his death, Strangled herself. Burns was 45 years old and the girl was 18. Increaaed the Revenue. State Trea3urer Braasted has been at work to make the state law for licensing peddlers and hawkers operative, with the result that the resources of the state will be increased ïully 815,000 annually hereafter. The name and address of every peddler in the state was secured and all were sent an official invitation to buy a license or submit to prosecution. Ás a consequence the revenue from this source has been increased 800 per cent. A gtraiige Colncldeoce. A. II. Whitney and wife, of Toronto, reached the Russell house in Detroit the other evening en route for New Mexico. Mr. Whitney died just as the hack drove up to the hotel entrance. The next morning another A. H. Whitney and wife, of Quincy, 111., reached the Russell. Mrs. Whitney registerec}, as her husband was UI. He had been in bis room but five minutes when he died. The families were in no way related. State Treasurer's Report. State Treasurcr Braasted"s report, which has just been made to the governor, shows that the balance in the treasury June 30, 1890, was 81, 151,259. 78; receipts for the year, 83,181,308.81. The disbursemeuts have been 83,107,924.27, leaving a balance in the treasury on June 0 oí Si, 224,644.32. The expense of the legislature was 8123,866.46. Sloop Capsixrd The sloop Little llarry, owned and sailed by Cornelina Verhoof, left Holland for Mnskegon with forty bushels of peaches. The next morning the sloop was found on the beach 7 miles north from the harbor in a dismantled condition. Verhoof's 5-year-old son was found drowned in the cabin. Verhoof 's body had not been found. A Lonjc Trance. At Whitehall George lieard, aged 21, has been confined to his bed for tho last three months. During seven weeks of this time he his lain unconscious, apparently in a trance. He seems to have lost every sense save that of feeling. When he is touched on the arm with a slight downward pressure he will raise his arm. Feil frora a Dizzy Ileight. "Jack" Hogan, brother of Aeronaut Ed Hogan, of Jackson, Mich., who lost his life two years ago in experimenting with an airship on Long Island, feil 2,500 feet from a balloon at the Detroit exposition grounds and was instantly killed. Short but :..,v-v Mem-t. John MuMann and wife, of Mosherville, have separated afti'r forty-three years of stormy wedded life. Superintendent Cooper, of the Calumet & Hecla mine, has been tendered the place in the world's iair commission declined by W. E. Hurt. Clerks in the auditor general'a office presented to Auditor (ieneral Stone a silver tea Kt Dr. II. P. Mowry, of lironson, has been appointed United States e.xamining surgeon on the pension board in place of Dr. Ewers, resigned. William A. Armetrong, a pool-seller of Romeo, was stricken with paral ysis at the Detroit noes while selling pools and died almost instautly. Alderman Dardas, of Bay City, and George Nobath playfully 'scuffled for the possession of a revolver. Nobath was seriously wounded. Joan Urandborg-, on trial in Menominee for the murder of Gflbert Hall at Cedar rivor, July 4, pleaded gldlty of manslaughter. Lavina Swift, of Marquette, 14 years old, íooied with a rifle, and Theora Swift, B years, as fatally .shot. Natural gas has been found on the farm of George Ludwick. :i miles north ot Hubbardston, at a depth of 53 feet Robert Smith & Co., the present contractors, were awarded the state printing and binding contract for the years 1892-93. The Jonesville pickle factory has purchased 6,000 bushels of cucumberS this season. David Ingram's little son at Mariette got a plug tobáceo tag in his throat. Things looked blue for him for a time, but a doctor finally succeeded ingettingf it out A big pine was felled on the Ocque.oc river in Presque Isle county. It was 68 inches in diameter at the cut and 133 feet furthcr up it was 15 inches thick. It scaled 1 !.-jn4 feet of sound Inrabar.


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