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Labor's Great Day

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ClIK'Aii'i, Sept. S. - I! -t ■ - i I5.000 and :.'O,iioi vvorkmes maren , n the labor da; parade t' the inu.sic 'hirty orrforty bras bands, 'i liecromi vv istoo big to bo aocommodated it u ■■■ park, and asari'Mili tbere werd rarious meetings, the one at SharpAiooters park bengi addressed by Jerry Simpson and the others by lesser labor lights. All manufacturing establishments were closed. [Dispatchcs from other places in Illinois show ttaat the day was gencrally observed. At Jacksonvllle there was a parade a mile long, winding iip wlth exercises at the fair grounds. At Decatur ten trades paraded and addresses were made by Ethelbert Stewart and hls wifo. At.Rockford 1,000 men paraded and business was suspended. C. S. Darrow, of Chicago, and others made speeches at the fair grounds in the afternoon. At Joliel 4,000 men paraded and were reviewed by the mayor. At Ottawa all the labor organizations of La Salie county partioipated and 8,000 men were in line. Senator O'Conor and David Eoss addressed the crowd afterward at Allen's parl], Ind., Sept. 8. - The labor day parade here was participated in by 12,000 wae-workers. It was the first legal labor day that Indiana has had. The Kniphts of Labor held a monster celebration at the fair grounds, and were addressed by Senators Turpie and Peffer. At Garfield park the American Federation of Labor liad a counter attraction, with Judge lloive, Morris Ross and Philip Rappaport as speakers. Keokuk, Ia., Sept. 8. - Labor day here was magnificently celebrated, the demonstration being the largest and most elabórate ever seen in this city. A monster trade and industrial parade took place during the morning'. Every labor organization was fully represented and hundreds of workingmen not members of any organizad body were in line. It is estimated that fully 10,000 people were at Hand park in the afternoon listening to the addresses oí Gov. Boies, Candidato Westfall and Mrs. Lease, of Kansas. All of the speakers avoided any reference to politics, their remarles hein;j upnn the labor question. Milwaukee, Sept. 8. - Between 13,000 and 14,000 the unions paraded the streets about noon. Floats the various trades were distributed through the line. In the afternoon a picnic was held in Schlitz park. Detroit, Mieh., Sept. 8. - Twelve thousand men partieipated in the labor day parade here. A picnic was the featur.ï of the afternoon. [The day was g''no;nlly obaerved in other Michigan towns. At Jaokaon the labor unions of Battle Creek join.:d In oelebratlng tho day and sent a dl gatinn sevenl hunilred strong. A. E. Oole. Robort G. Ogy and Ralph Beaumont made nddresses after the parade, and a monster picnic was held in the afwnoon. Ai Muskngon not a wheelturned in any of the milis or factories, and after a fine parade in tho morninR, followed by speeches, a picnic was held at Lake Michigan park. roiicluiing with a pyrotechnical display in the eveninx. At Grand Rapids, after the morning parade, a picnic with athletlc games was held in the aftertoon. Business was virtually suspende! in the city.] St. Louis, Sept. 8. - Labor day was celebrated here with a big parade, followed by a picnic partieipated in by all the local labor associations of this cith, East St. Louis and lielleville. Philadei.phia, Sept. 8.- All business was suspended 'ujre. The advent of labor day was coii'brated by numerous labor organizationg, sing-inff societies, voiunteer firomen and detachments of troops. Buffai,o, N. Y., Sept. 8.- Gov. Hül reviewed the labor parade from the balcony of the Iroquois house. Healso delivered an address at the labor picnic in the afternoon. [In other cities of New York state the day was becomingly celebrated. In New York two parades- that of the Federailon of Labor and the Central Labor unión- took place. Many women were in the ranks of marchers. In tha aftercoon Senator Puffsr and others made addresses. At Troy there were a mammoth parade and picnic In the afternoon. Lieut. Gov. Jones reviewed the parade and made a Bpoeoh. At Rochester there was an entire of business and parades and picnics were the or,der of the day. At Utica every mauufactory was closed and nearly all the stores. The labor unions paraded and made a fine display. At Albany all tho labor unions joined in a joint parate and picnio in the afternoon.] # VSBWBBBa, Business in San Francisco was partially suspended and 3,500 men were in the line of parade. In Canada, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto observed the ilay as a holiday and parades and picnics were ger.rral. The parade at Denver, Col., had 12,000 men in line, and was revieweJ hy the governor and mayor. Business was suspended. After the parade at Cmc-innati the various unions went to Woodsdale park, where Maj. MoKinley and John Sietj made aikiresses. At St. Paul most of the business houses were closed. After tho morning parade the afternoon was devotod to a picnic and games. At Cleveland business was suspended, and after tho morning parade athletio contesta were held at Forest City park in the afternoon. At Memphis, Tcnn., the Farmer' Allianco joined in tho parad : on horseback, each man carrying a wisp of hay or cotton boll in his nat. At Boston, Portland, Mc, and Concord, N. H., a heavy storm marred the day and pro vented the paradi-. The day was a general holiday. The parade in Minncapoüs was the largest ever held. Mayor Winstone and other speakers addresscd the unions in the afternoon at Ath letic park. In Kansas City, Mo., the vari ,us unions paraded, but fe or the business houses were Closed. A hall it the exposition building wound up the day. At Pittsburgh the day was not observed except by the closin of the courts and banks. Demonstraron were made at Greenburg, Wneeling and surrounding towns.


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