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Santiago, Sept. 3. - Gen. ttaquedano has issued a proclamation turning over the government to the junta de gobierno and requesting intende ites and officials of all grades to obey the orders of that body until an el ction can be held, a ncw president elected and a constitutional government forraed. The junta has already appointed the principal officers for Valparaíso, Santiago and the other leading cities of the republic. There is no disguising the fact that there is a bitter feeling against the Amerioans on the part of successful revolutionists. This feeling is so strong that unless it is placated in some way it may seriously affect American commercial interesta in Chili for some time. The capture of the Itata first created the itnpression that the United States government was actively unfavorable to the revolutionary cause. This impression was intensified by the action of Admiral Brown when he visited Quintero bay Awgust 20 to witness the landing of Gen. Canto's army. The admiral desired to see the maneuver and invited some of the other naval officers in Valparaíso to como to the flagship San Francisco and go to Quintero bay. Only the Gerinan officers accepted it. The San Francisco did not anchor at Quintero bay, but steamed around until the landing was effected and then headed íor Valparaíso. A boat was sent frotn the transport Copiapo to visit the American cruiser, but did not succeed in getting aboard. Upon the arrival of the San Francisco Lieut. Dyer visited Intendente Viel to secure permission to send a cable dispatch to the navy department This visit has been construed by the adherents of the junta as proof positive that Admiral Brown was acting as a governmeut spy on the movements of the opposition, and no amount of explanation had been sufficient to remove this impression. Then other things have served to strengthen the feeling against the United States. Kot the least important among them is the general teeling that Minister Egan has been an active partisan of Balmaceda, and bas used his intluence in preventing the state department from recognizing the belligerent rights of ' the insurgents. Acting Secretary of State Wharton's action in ignoring Senors Montt and Foster, the congressional envoys, even now when it is a recognized fact that they represent the only government of the country, has increased the feeling against citizens of the United States. Admiral Brown's refusal to give up the political refugees who have found an asylum aboard his ships has also added to the general irritation. It is the general belief that Admiral Brown is acting under instructions or by the advice of Mr. Egan. The feeling against Mr. Egan is very violent, and there is little question but that his recall will soon be demanded. Mr. McCreery, the United States consul at Valparaíso, is in high favor. He rendered valuable services to persecuted women and politieal refugees whose lives were in danger. Santiago, Sept. 5. - In an interview United States Minister Egan denied emphatieally the charges that he was an ardent partisan of the late President Balmaceda, or that he had profited or ejepected to profit by certain nitrate aüd railroad contracts. "Ever sinee my arrival here," continued Mr. Egan, with a trace of bitterness in his voice, "the English, who are naturally antagonistic to me, have looked with a jealous eye on my success in obtaining recognition for American .citizens and payment of their claims. So far as my sympathies go they are extended tO all. For four months my house was the asylum of men like Edward Montt, Charles Walker-Martinez, AuJustin Edwards and other prominent opposition leaders. Together with, Consul McCreery I have saved from death and imprisonment many men. There are to-day in the legation twenty of the more prominent adherents of Balmaceda who have not lef t the country." Minister Egan says he began to niake proposals to Balmaceda August 20, that in the event of his defeat and in order to avoid further bloodshed he should deliver the government into the hands of Gen. Baquedano. It was OQ the Sight of August 28 that, forced by Stern necessity, Balmaceda had to affix his signature to the decree completing the surrender. The governments of Brazil and Peru h&'v'e officially congratulated the junta 06 ihe victory of the congressional party and the restoration of peace in Chili. A decree has been issued by thg junta announcing that the notes issued Öuring the revolution by Balmaceda ?U1 be recognized as legal by the new (bjernment. Santiago, Sept. 7. - The provisional government of the republic of Ohüi Vfill be formally recognized by tfié feovernment of the United States toBay. Minister Patrick Egan on Sun üay reseived a cable dispatch from the $HLte department at Washington iS&tructipg him tu treat the junta de. gobierno as the government ue facto of the country. Information tO thïi effect was unofficially coaÍ9yed to Señor Jorge Montt, president Of the junta, soon after the receipt of the cable dispatch, but official action Will not be taken before to-day. MinIster Egan will be cordially receivad J& the junta for the news he Dringa, if nothing else. Members Of tt provisional government were ftvbh pleaseá at the receipt ö this information, though they wore Cfd greatly surpri.sed. They feit, o ITOü as the 1'iiittd States understood th iituatiou here, that order had been restored throughout the country and the authority of the Junta was universally recognized Mr. Egan would receive the instructions which carae to him Sunday. It is the opinión here that Señor Pedro Montt, who is now in Washington as the representative oí the junta, will be regularly accredited minister from Chili to the United States as soon as the matter can be reached. This, it is thought, will not be delayed many days. United States Minister I'atrick Egaa has received a letter froia the state department at Washington npproving his action in endeavoring to bring about a cessation of hostilities in Chili. Washington, Sept. 8. - The department of state telegraphed Minister Egan September 4 that if a goverament had been formed by the eongressional party which was acceptable to the people he ehould recognize it and open communication with its head. Monday the department received a telegram from Mr. Egan in answer to the above Statinff that a provisional government had been established September 1 with Jorge Montt as president and was universally aecepted by the people, and that he (Mr. Egan) was in very cordial communication with it


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